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I’m going to demystify the application of AI in buildings!

🤥 Seems there’s lots of companies out there trying to establish credibility by “demystifying” AI?

📣 But it takes more than just talk

💰It takes real and verifiable energy savings. Off the electric bill!

✅ You can’t fake that.

🙌🏼 They should also be able to give at least an overview of and ultimately demo their solution LIVE, like we do. No “deep fakes” here!

🧮 There are many approaches to achieve autonomous control of buildings

🎓 This is how Adaptive Optimization works:

⚙️To start you have the system that you’re trying to control. It could be a Full Self Driving (FSD) car or an autonomous building.

🏁 With a car it’s all about controlling its speed and position

With any system you have Inputs and Outputs (I/O)

🏎️ Inputs on a car would be represented by the variable (u).
Steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedals.

🔂 The control outputs or states are represented by the variable (x). If the system was just a pure closed loop, with no external disturbances, then it would be pretty easy to achieve stable and automatic control.

🌪️ Unfortunately there are external disturbances (d) such as other cars, pedestrians, hills, obstacles, wind, etc. This is a non-linear, high dimensional and unknown dynamics modeling problem

🕋 Similarly, buildings are among the most complex machines ever built.

What would the system of control for a Central Plant look like?

Well with a Central Plant you have several “systems” of control:
1️⃣ Condenser Water Temperature
2️⃣ Chilled Water Supply Temp
3️⃣ Chilled Water flow/Differential PSI
4️⃣ Thermal Energy Storage (TES)

🦾 These and more can be dramatically improved by using AI and Machine Learning

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