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Introduction as new Editorial Board Chair

After a great set of panels and industry engagement at AHR in Chicago last month, I am pleased to officially embark on my role as Editorial Board Chair at

The Editorial Board was set up to ensure continuity of Ken & Jane Sinclair’s vision of a place to bring together relevant content that delves into the depths of automated building technologies.

After 25 years, what exists today is the only independent community library for the automated buildings industry.

Our collective aim for the next 25 years? To continue to decode trends, share insightful analyses, while remaining a place for diverse views and knowledge, and continuing to support the industry as it moves forward into a complex world.

While Ken & Jane have been key to the journey so far, I also want to acknowledge other key stakeholders who play a significant role in the success and direction of, and who will also shape its impact moving forward.

These include:

Editorial Board Members:

Ken Sinclair is clearly the visionary and plays a key role on the Board, however the collective expertise and contributions of Brad and Scott will shape the editorial direction and content strategy of the AutomatedBuildings platform.

Contributing Editors:

The diverse community of writers, industry experts, engineers, and researchers who contribute valuable insights, articles, case studies, and thought leadership pieces to are key to the insights and cross-industry observations we are known for. We need to continue to encourage the communication of ideas across industries that touch the built environment. Our new self-service platform makes it easy for you upload your existing content or write a new piece with your own graphics and photos, as well as have it pushed across’s large networks on social media.

Industry Partners and Sponsors:

After 25 years, still remains a free resource for all, and is independently owned. It relies on the support of long-term partnerships with events like AHR, and paid and in-kind sponsorships with a range of companies, organizations, and industry associations that support the mission and goals of Please check out our Sponsors page to give them some love or consider sponsoring to ensure we can continue our work.

Our broader community:

A broad community of technology enthusiasts, engineers, architects, facility managers, and professionals involved in designing, implementing, and managing automated building systems (starting out in building controls) help build the early years of However, in 2024, we’re shaping the educational landscape by fostering discussions and disseminating the latest knowledge. Students, researchers, and aspiring engineers benefit from engaging with the industry and gaining invaluable insights into the forefront of building automation.

This community provides feedback, shares their experiences, and contributes to the ongoing dialogue surrounding smart buildings and automated systems on social media and IRL at many of the educational events we provide in partnership with major events.

The “library” has every single article written in the last 25 years, and all content is searchable by key word and author. In 2024, it is more complex with information now also delivered in video, via podcasting and across different social media platforms. We will continue to try and build out this library for the future generations by including as much as we can, that is relevant to our industry (sorry, no cat videos).

The plan for the next 12 months is to keep doing what has done for 25 years, while the new Editorial Board begins its work on the challenge ahead. Founders Jane and Ken Transition to Editorial Board at AHRExpo Chicago