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Built on a twenty-five-year-old online library, the new model of industry-generated cloud information is only days old.

A repository of dynamic information assembled by the industry for our industry in a steep transition.
Influences like Cloud native and AI are blurring the lines between our traditional Operating Technology “OT” space.

We all need to collaborate as an industry to “simplify our presentation as we enter the changing world as a community so people know who we are, what we do, and what resources we have.”

“A unified approach can streamline messages, amplify impact, and provide a clearer understanding of the industry’s contributions to society.” is an online forum for ideas where collective wisdom and foresight coalesce to direct our industry toward positive change. It isn’t just any repository; it’s a living, breathing compendium of dynamic information meticulously crafted by the industry, for the industry, at a time of profound transition. Picture a space where every stakeholder contributes to a rich tapestry of insights, strategies, and innovations, from the groundbreakers to the guardians of legacy systems. This is who we are. This is what we believe. 

Although we have a long history of online presence, we are now trying to capture the mood and the shift in our industry. It is not just a website. It is a connecting place for dynamic social media posts.

It acts as a library/repository that identifies the sponsors who support it as the players in our industry.

It also shares the views of our contributing editors. It is focused on being a launching and landing pad, not just to capture folks at this gathering place but to redirect the industry to the industry’s resources.

This is our goal. We do not compete with social media. We interact with it by sharing information with our repository and all our social media networks.

Most of our contributing editors have become incredibly busy and started extremely insightful social media discussions. We have reversed the process and linked their presence to their social media posts. The problem with social media posts is that they are incredibly time-sensitive and complex to find after expiration. Some posts must be highlighted and connected as part of our evolving industry. Our industry generates amazing videos, PDF charts, and media of the moment while maintaining them on their websites to feed the social media machine. We redirect new and existing supporters to these valuable resources from our repository / Library links to each sponsor’s resources, allowing us to easily collect and showcase unique content. Think cloud-native thinking.

I was recently asked if we have a YouTube channel. I replied, “No.” We would never have a YouTube channel. We provide linkage to our sponsor’s YouTube channels and resources. Our library repository connects to sponsors’ and contributing editors’ resources. We are a directory of fantastic sponsor content.

We attempt to keep up with all our social media networks. We actively post on LinkedIn, X / Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. And our free LinkedIn online group. We help spread our sponsors and editors’ information to these Networks as we work these social networks; when we see posts by our sponsors and editors, we support them and repost them to our Networks, making them visible to all.

I post as Ken Sinclair on LinkedIn. I have over 22,000 followers. We are also building the automated buildings LinkedIn brand because we are on social media daily. We see opportunities to invite new people to the industry and promote our sponsors and editors as automated buildings are a community we are attempting to build community on social media. Our goal is not to connect to the most significant number of people but to connect to the correct people who are most likely to understand our services and wish to interact with us.

It’s not about quantity. It’s about the quality of connections because our approach is to connect our cloud community to provide information in a rapidly evolving industry in which we are crossing the floor from Bob Boiler Room Bob to a cloud-native AI world in this transition, people have to see us as a cohesive industry which we have never been we need to regroup and understanding that our goals are all very similar we are the industry that provides the physical connection to Building Systems using operational technology just recently the term OTT was used implying that the operational Technologies need to connect to other Technologies our space is unique, but we need to simplify our presentation so as we enter the changing world as a community so people know who we are and what it is we do and what resources we have this is the goal of

The value to each sponsor or editor is in how much information they share and how well they explain their portion of our industry. Our history is an excellent place to build this new social media interacting Dynamic Repository LaunchPad & Landing pad for today’s change.

Realcomm will be an excellent event to see both sides of the floor: our OT and their building IT all mashing up, driven by cloud native and AI forces.