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Welcome our new sponsor, BUBLL AUTOMATION

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Optimise Building Performance and Enhance User Experience

Securely integrate asset operational data into a single platform. The Bubll Smart Matrix (BSM) software suite provides a complete building analytics solution, including an Energy Information System (EIS) and, Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) as well as a user engagement platform complete with integrated system performance auditing and reporting.

Our promise is to turn ordinary into smart. Connect with us to transform your building’s data into actionable insights.

Bubll automations analytics aims to surpass conventional operating and maintenance techniques. Automatically improve operational efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and optimise occupant comfort and engagement.

Real-time Insights: Powerful real-time reporting, covering operational status, maintenance requirements, energy consumption and building KPIs.

The BSMs team’s collective experience in the respective technology disciplines spans circa 100 years of industry experience. The combination of Building Automation, IT and Energy Management skills sets have proved to offer ground breaking, new and revolutionary technology.

The Journey began close to 10 years ago and our concepts have since been realised to provide an Industry leading technology platform. Moving forward to 2024 and beyond, Bubll Automation pledges to continue our collective journey in providing state of art technology within the Smart, connected building arena, at a cost point that encourages implementation across all building types and sizes.

We recognise that technology is moving at an unprecedented pace and although the Internet of Things (IOT) era is in its infancy, it is now providing a means of achieving functionality that continues to push boundaries..

Our detailed understanding of the control measures required to both operate and maintain buildings, we continue to ensure that our products evolve to meet the highest industry standards and requirements.

Through leveraging new cutting-edge functionality, simplified IOT plug and play integration along with API Integration to 3rd party applications, we guarantee to keep our clients ahead of the curve.

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