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OT/IOT feeds AI, and then OT Executes the AI Commands

We are the OT industry’s “Operating Technology.” If you have experienced a surprising upturn in your OT business lately, you have not seen anything yet; you are about to become an essential part of today’s AI Tsunami.

We are the industry that provides the physical connection to Building Systems using operational technology, but we need to simplify our messaging.

Our inherent value will become evident if we approach this evolving world as a united community. Our strength lies in our collective unity. Throughout history, we’ve often resembled disparate clans, each driven by self-interest, creating a cacophony of individual voices. But imagine if we harmonized into a powerful chorus that wields the transformative force of collective action, inspiring positive change.

We’re more than our products, services, or businesses. We’re also an industry that must accept collective responsibility for our impact on the planet. Buildings represent an enormous potential for decarbonization, yet we fail to collaborate. Why? Because we are constantly focused on our messaging, taking our road to success. As John Dunne said, “No man is an island, Entire of itself; Every man is a piece of the continent, A part of the main.” Our industry is the continent, and we are all part of it. When it thrives, we benefit; when it stagnates, so do our businesses. We must build and maintain a place where we can drop our selfish instincts. There has to be a space where voices of collective action are free to create, where motives align, cooperation is valued, promoted, and expected. strives to be that space.