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Discover Bubll Automations Smart Matrix Technology  

In the rapidly evolving smart building market, selecting the correct technology is proving to be a daunting task for Building Automation specialists and end user alike. Finding the best fit solution, complete with the required features and scalability is currently seen as a challenging process. What users want today, rarely reflect tomorrow’s requirements. End users often find that platforms offering top end modular features come with top end pricing points that confine their use to facilities owned by those with the deepest pockets.

Selecting the Correct Functionality continues to Confuse the Industry

The seemingly endless choices available when it comes to selecting suitable Smart/Intelligent Building technology is more often than not an unenviable, if not close to impossible task. Systems making the final selection process are very often those with the largest marketing budgets and perhaps not the system that delivers the most feature rich, scalable technology.

Bubll Automation Technology: Providing Cutting Edge Scalable Solutions for the Real Estate Industry

Bubll Automations, Award Winning, App driven, modular approach, to deploying state of the art technology solutions such as our Cloud-native Sentinll Analytics & Cloud configurable Bubll Command user mobile application is breaking new ground in the Smart Building arena.

Whether the technology is required by Asset Management teams seeking Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD), Advanced Data Analytics (ADA), Automated Performance Analysis (APA) and visualisation via Single Pane Dashboards or Landlords wishing to offer branded Mobile user interfaces with feature rich environments including, advanced environmental control interfaces through to bespoke building social walls and digital access credentials, Bubll Automation delivers regardless of requirements. See our full list of features using the URL below.

Platform Benefits for Partners and End Users

Bubll Automations technology offers best in class operational functionality that can be rapidly deployed on site. Alias tagging and automated mapping enables average installation/configuration times of 2 days. Following initial setup and a further 2 to 3 days, end clients can be provided with early operational insights via the platforms default setup mechanisms, providing out of the box value.

Imagine the Impossible

Completing the initial setup is merely the beginning of the journey into providing what is now gaining Industry wide acknowledgement as class leading technology at ground breaking cost points. As clients’ expectations evolve, Bubll Smart Matrix will continue to deliver in exceeding expectations.

“Collaborate in Creating the Extraordinary” and join the Bubll Automation Family

Transcend the norm with Bubll Automation, overcome the traditional constraints and cost points of deploying Smart/Intelligent Building Systems. Bubll Automations Smart Matrix platform serves as a comprehensive solution to meet many of the most challenging requirements facing the industry. Join us in creating a Global success story.   

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