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Let’s talk! Are you in on this collaborative vision for AI in building tech?

We are incredibly honored to receive the IBcon Digie Award for Best Use of AI Intelligent Buildings at the RealComm/IBcon 2024 conference!
This award recognizes the most innovative individuals and organizations who are shaping the future of smart buildings in the Commercial Real Estate industry.

It is a testament to the team’s dedication, and exceptional contributions to enable AI for Operational Technology at Google!

LinkedIn Post

Sabine started a fire. Many are providing fuel and support. If you have not seen this LinkedIn post, you need to Over 185 engaged and over 100 comments.

If Google jointly developed the baseline structure and format of the Building Device Topology dataset (e.g., metadata from HVAC, electrical, and metering devices that identify type, purpose, location, and/or interconnectivity), would you consider contributing your own data into a common data model so AI can really take off for the OT industry?

Sabine Lam Tech & Data lead for Workplace Services Solutions, Google

Sabine is a speaker at Realcomm/IBcon AB is a media sponsor supports Sabine’s thoughts. Please catch up with our editorial Chair, Kerri Sinclair in Tampa to discuss how we can support Sabine as an industry Kerri Brian and Scott will be Bridging the Talent gap

Sabine Lam Kerri Lee Sinclair Brian Turner

LinkedIn is the place to share your thoughts with a wider audience. It is a resource that speaks to some of the big picture issues of our AI journey.

Recently, I have been pondering on different ways Generative AI is affecting businesses in various aspects, such as operations, change management, digital experiences, etc.

I tried to put down these thoughts in the form of LinkedIn articles that I wanted to share with you.

Your thoughts and comments on these topics, and others that are affected by Gen AI will be very much welcome.

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