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Automate Processes for Better Project Management

Eliminate the need for using Excel or Project - provide calculations and complete project-specific tasks automatically around the clock. We outlined some of the most important benefits of using a CRM like Bidtracer for project management and putting spreadsheets in your past for good.

Spreadsheets only tell you once a calculation is wrong. There really is no automation in place to prevent errors. We can all relate when thinking about a time that something went wrong, and we wished we had even a small warning prior. Using a CRM made for the construction industry does so much to automate processes for project management, that it replaces the need for spreadsheets completely.

Ditch spreadsheets and automate your projects

Eliminate the need for using Excel or Project, and go above and beyond to not only provide calculations but complete project-specific tasks automatically around the clock. Here is what you should know:

Lead Management and Tracking

Your project software should automatically follow up on outstanding requests, invoices, and quotes, instead of using a spreadsheet displaying a column of due dates. Email automation saves an immense amount of communication and administrative time for all parties involved, especially project managers.

Project Planning & Scheduling

Task assignment with spreadsheets doesn’t automate processes for the team members included in the schedule. Our automated tools create project timelines and Gantt charts, automatically assigns team members to the project to receive updates in seconds, and calculates resources like labor, materials, and equipment based on project requirements.

Document Management

Your contracts, proposals, and invoices can all be generated and stored within Bidtracer, automating another aspect of document management that spreadsheets can’t do. Listing your proposals and their due dates in a progress spreadsheet doesn’t automate any processes for each phase of the project, and leaves all important documents saved independently on different devices. With Bidtracer, you can run an entire project from start to finish within the software and deliver projects with lightning speed, like our top clients featured above.

Automated Document Generation

Using a construction industry CRM gives you one place to manage all your documents, contracts, proposals, and invoices, with a tool to create them if you are ready to shed not only project spreadsheets, but finance and submittal creation programs.

Budget and Cost Management

Track expenses against the budget automatically, providing real-time updates on budget status, and store past project information without having to reference other spreadsheets. Use your historical data and predefined templates to automatically generate cost estimates for new projects.

Project Monitoring and Reporting

Real time dashboards automatically update with the latest project data, ending the days of emailing updated spreadsheets back and forth, or forcing collaborative browser options that “lock out” other editors when a user is in a spreadsheet. Your information is globally accessible for real time updates and project monitoring, and financials and performance metrics from each project can be generated for reports of all kinds without manual input or field sorting.

Customer and Stakeholder Management

Bidtracer provides access to a portal where users can create custom dashboards, view project updates, access documents, and communicate with the project team. None of these features are available by using spreadsheets for project management. It’s more important than ever to provide a safe and secure resource for storing customer and project information. Automating processes like reminders to populate missing information or follow up on issues is beyond convenience and becomes risk mitigation necessity.

Feedback and Follow Ups

Like we said in the beginning, spreadsheets only tell you once something is wrong, and doesn’t even tell you how to fix it. Managing projects with Bidtracer reduces the risk of clients feeling unheard by automatically sending schedule updates and invitations for feedback, invoice and logistics follow ups, and communications of all kinds that are set for the appropriate frequency and recipient for each action.

Automate processes, not just buildings.

By automating these processes, Bidtracer works as your all-in-one CRM to streamline project management, reduce manual work, improve accuracy, and enhance overall efficiency. Serving clients of all sizes, only two users are required to get started and typically access can be set up within one day. Schedule a demo here.