August 2020

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Sharada PrahladraoEMAIL INTERVIEWKen Sinclair and Sharada Prahladrao

Sharada Prahladrao,

Editor & Public Relations Manager,
ARC Advisory Group, India

     ARC's Eighteenth India Forum Goes Virtual

Driving Digital Transformation in Industry and Cities
September 8-9, 2020 – Online               

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Sinclair:  How’s this year’s Forum going to differ from the earlier ones?

Sharada:  For the first time the India forum is going to be a virtual one. The current pandemic has led us to re-invent our Forum in India and present it as a Virtual Forum. Business strategies and models are undergoing a sea change and it is clear that flexibility, agility, and innovative approaches are required to succeed during these uncertain times.  There is a feeling of solidarity in the industry right now that if we are creative and flexible, we can beat this disruption and minimize its impact on our lives and businesses.

Sinclair:  Do you think the virtual model will work?

Sharada:  This model will certainly work. This is proven by the overwhelming response we got for the recent ARC Industry Forum in Europe. For over 25 years, ARC has been attracting the lead users in industry for our live networking and learning Forums. Now we bring you the same level of content and value in a virtual world. The ARC Virtual Forums have become the must attend events of the “new normal” and are known as the industry’s “meeting” place.

Sinclair:  What will the presentations focus on? And will it attract end users?

Control Solutions, Inc Sharada:  The presentations will cover the digital transformation journey across industries. The agenda has been structured in such a manner that the topics covered at our forum will be of relevance to all.  The focus will be on innovations in automation; advancement in control, network strategies and MES; strategies  to achieve asset performance management; evolving technology trends; strategies to  achieve operational excellence; and strategies for growth.

The India Forum attracts a large number of end users as it provides a good platform to learn about new technologies. Interestingly, we have many end user speakers too presenting successful deployments and their experiences on the digital transformation journey.  Speakers from the supplier side also bring in their customers, highlighting case studies. Visit our event page:

Sinclair:  Do you think the virtual forum will get the same kind of industry response that the India Forum used to typically get?

Sharada:  There has been a very positive response from the industry.  In this period of social distancing and travel restrictions, a virtual forum is a pragmatic approach. Registrations from all over the world have already started coming in.  In fact this time we expect more people to attend online – all that one has to do  is click on this link to register:


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