December 2005

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EMAIL INTERVIEW  Marc Petock & Ken Sinclair

Interview with Marc Petock, Director of Marketing, Tridium, Inc.

 Tridium Announces the JACE-2®
 The Latest Addition of its Java Application Control Engine Device
 Provides major enhancements in modularity, scalability, flexibility, and functionality

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Sinclair:  I understand you have a new JACE controller/server product. Can you tell me about it?

Petock:  It’s called the JACE-2 and is our all new generation of compact, embedded controller/server devices. It provides all of the capabilities our web-based NiagaraAX software in a small, low cost, modular unit. The JACE-2 makes it possible to bring Internet connectivity closer to end devices in monitoring, control, and M2M applications.

Sinclair:  How is it different from your other JACE’s?

Petock:  In addition to lower cost, and smaller size, the JACE 2 introduces a new modular design and expansion slot for easy plug-in of accessory devices. One of the new features is expandable plug-in I/O. The JACE 2 can be equipped with up to 64 points of local I/O for direct interface and control of legacy equipment. The I/O is available in 16 and 34 point modules that snap together.

We have also focused on addressing field installation costs. The JACE itself and the I/O modules have been designed for quick installation to reduce on-site costs.

Sinclair:  Can you give us some examples of how the plug-in accessory concept works? What is it used for?

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Petock:  Sure, let me offer some background to help explain the concept. What we are finding is that with the advent of wireless mesh networks, cell phone networks and other new communications technologies, there are actually more communication media out in the market today than there were a few years ago. Customers want to be able to take advantage of these technologies, but don’t want to have to replace their controller in order to do so. So, much like the ISA bus slots found in a standard PC we have created a standard interface slot so that partners can create products that will simply plug in to the JACE. This enables us to flexible, future proofed solution you need to be able to respond to these new technologies. Right now we are working with partners that plan to bring a number of accessory products to market over the next 12 months. This feature offers a true plug and play solution that enables the owner to expand the ccapability of the system over time.

Sinclair:  What applications is the JACE 2 designed for?

Petock:  It’s ideal as a “total control” solution for smaller facilities, for installation in remote sites and for distributing control and IP connectivity closer to the end equipment in larger facilities. With the expandable I/O capability, it addresses applications where integration with external systems via field busses and hardwired I/O is required.

Sinclair:  Why did you develop this type of JACE?

Petock:  It really came about based on input we received from our OEM and System Integrator partners. They told us they wanted a lower cost, compact embedded controller that could be used at smaller facilities, remote sites and in larger facilities where multiple controllers were needed. The advances we have made with our NiagaraAX software platform made it possible to achieve this level of functionality in such a small product.


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