May & June  2004

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June 2004

BuilConn Europe  Anto Budiardjo, President of Clasma, Inc.

BuilConn Europe is very much a Europe event; it’s not just a transplant of an American event into Europe. The people driving this are European (from Clasma’s London and Brussels office), the advisory board will be predominantly European and many of the speakers will be European.

The Niagara Appliance  Steve Fey, Vice President of Sales, Tridium, Inc.

 The Niagara Appliance program is a solution developed for OEM equipment and service providers.

LonWorld® Exhibition and Conference  Barry Haaser, Executive Director of LonMark® International

For the first time, the LonWorld event will be held in Asia – the fastest growing market for the LonWorks platform.

New oBIX Chairman  Toby Considine – Technology Officer, Facility Services, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

I am excited to be involved with group that I think has the potential to change the controls industry, to change what owners and operators can expect from buildings, and to advance several values that I hold very dear.

New LonWorks Solution for the Hospitality Industry  Rami Belson, CEO of Energex Inc.

We have presented the industry with a remarkable tool which can address every aspect of their operations and help them achieve better guest experience with far greater efficiency.

May 2004

Status of Open Systems: Niagara Framework  John Petze, President & CEO, Tridium, Inc.

A Niagara based system empowers end users to get above the protocol debates and simply specify systems that meet their business needs with the confidence that it can be done cost effectively with standard protocols and can be connected to their enterprise systems.

XML in Building Automation -- Is it REALLY the next BIG thing?  Andy McMillan, President & CEO, Teletrol Systems Inc.

I believe there are other technologies on the horizon that have as much or more potential to re-shape the BAS industry at a strategic level. Wireless mesh networks and MEMS sensors come to mind.

Autonomous Programmable Intelligent Mobile Robotic Bases and Control Systems  Jeanne Dietsch, CEO, ActivMedia Robotics 

We're giving automation the ability to move objects in space. Most facilities managers and building automation specialists think in terms of sensing and controls. Very few think of moving anything other than elevators or, possibly, doors.

CTO Sings Praises of BuilConn  Keith Gipson, CEO/CTO, Impact Facility Solutions

 Even though the emphasis of this year's BuilConn event was not focused on end-use customers visiting vendor's booths, like a typical trade show, my company already is benefiting from the alliances and partnerships that we were able to solidify and establish with companies we may have previously looked at as competitors.

BuilConn 2004 What are the challenges now?  Anto Budiardjo, President of Clasma, Inc.,

If you say that open systems is a given and the use of IT technologies is also a given, the thing for the building systems industry to figure out now are two things: Firstly, manufacturers need to create a new generation of products and services using this technology. Secondly, we as an industry need to try and figure out the new types of applications brought about by this new set of opportunities.

April 2004

BuilConn 2004 - Update  Anto Budiardjo, President of Clasma, Inc.,

If you plan to work in the area of integrated and intelligent buildings, in the area of the convergence of Building and IT, there is only one place to be in the middle of April - BuilConn in Dallas.

The "Interoperable Blues Band"  Leighton Wolffe, Director, Energy Partner Program, WebGen Systems

In the spirit of BuilConn, the IBB is all about players in the industry playing together, in this case literally. 

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The XML Pavilion will feature technology demonstrations showing the extensive potential of XML and Web Services in a cross-section of the buildings industry including security, HVAC, gateway, enterprise and IT solution providers of technology.

Connecting enterprise energy management systems  Ron Brown, CTO, Gridlogix, Inc 

The market is searching for a specialized IT centric Enterprise Application Integration framework designed to turn automation and control systems and their devices into easily accessible data sources for business systems.

Building Automation: Open Systems Today and Tomorrow  Dirk Mahling, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, WebGen Systems.

Thus open protocols open the domain of buildings and energy control to the advances already seen in other fields such as computerized medical diagnosis, image stabilization, or automated battlefield management.

Trane and the next 25 years in controls  Jay Althof, Vice President of Controls Product Planning and Support, Trane

Information technology and the Web is the future of controls platforms. Trane is committed to playing a role that best helps develop the promise of XML-based systems.

Relationship marketing in today's HVAC industry Gordon Newman, Marketing Coordinator, Greystone Energy Systems 

Relationship marketing is developing a close bond with your customer by dealing with them on a personal level. 


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