February 2005

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Ken SinclairEMAIL INTERVIEW  Ken Sinclair & Anto Budiardjo

Ken Sinclair is the owner and editor of AutomatedBuildings.com, an online magazine and web resource providing the news, as well as connection to the rapidly evolving industry that automates large buildings.



CaseStudies@BuilConn is all about peoples' success planning and implementing the new reality.

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Budiardjo:  Ken, since you are again one of our track leaders at this year's BuilConn, I will turn the tables as your contributing editor and interview you so that you can tell us tell us what your track CaseStudies@BuilConn is all about?

Sinclair:  CaseStudies@BuilConn is all about peoples' success planning and implementing the new reality that has occurred in web based open systems over the last several years.  Building and facility owners will present their experiences together with integrators and consultants so attendees can see that the installation of integrated building systems is abound and can bring tangible and significant benefits to owners, operators, and building occupiers alike.

Budiardjo:  The first session will be "Successes Driving Adoption" tell us more.

Sinclair:  Understanding our achieved successes as well as our planned successes is very important to us as an industry. We are at a very formative period in our evolution as an industry. Our business models have radically changed and as the CaseStudies agenda states "There is nothing like success to breed success". It my intent to push the presenters to not only tell us of their successes but also provide insight into their planned successes. This track, and particularly this session, will be very inspiring for the followers of the BuilConn movement.

Budiardjo:  The next three sessions talk about successes with several markets, what would you like to add to that?

Sinclair:  I am excited about the depth some of our proposed presenters will bring. I feel that the greatest benefit of attending these sessions will be the ability to ask your own questions of the practitioners who have actually made integration and connection to the enterprise work for them. I am very much looking forward to these sessions and would also invite anyone who feels that they have a great success story to share with us to contact either you or me immediately.

Budiardjo:  Are there still openings for case studies to be presented? 

Sinclair:  Yes, we still have some openings left.  I am particularly interested in listening to a panel of corporate owners discuss their challenges, their resolution methods, and how they plan and design their facilities with their internal corporate objectives in mind and to hear what conclusions these owners came to and how they implemented the solutions using available technologies.

Interested in learning more about this track at BuilConn?  Click here.


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