January 2016


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Marc PetockEMAIL INTERVIEWMarc Petock and Ken Sinclair

Marc Petock is Vice President, Marketing at Lynxspring &
Connexx Energy where he leads corporate and product marketing strategy and execution, brand management, public relations and communications to support both companies strategic and growth initiatives. Marc is a contributing author, speaker and recognized industry leader having earned several industry accolades. Marc serves on the board of directors of Connexx Energy and Project Haystack; is an advisor to the Realcomm Organization and a Contributing Editor to Automatedbuildings.com.


Lynxspring E2E is an edge to-enterprise platform and ecosystem for the Internet of Things that is enabling true collaboration between intelligent systems, smart devices, and smart equipment and Cloud services.

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Sinclair:  I’ve heard you talk about Edge-to-Enterprise. Let’s start there. What does it mean to you?

Petock:  Edge-to-Enterprise (E2E) is changing our world, including our development and strategies for buildings, equipment, devices and applications. It is presenting new opportunities for creating, operating and servicing our buildings and is leading the way for new business value delivery. E2E is contributing to a significant shift in the way people and our industry acquires information, interact with each other, and make decisions. It is enabling us to expand our reach to a range of equipment and devices that can gather and analyze data and react to that data through a variety of applications that we’ve never seen before. E2E is enabling us to move from connected devices to connected intelligence. It is allowing us to distribute, process and store data independently at the edge-device and within the Cloud, enabling real-time, decision-making at the edge.

The traditional architecture we have known for years is continuing to flatten as devices have more computing power and directly connect to IP networks. This is resulting in more direct and streamlined connectivity between systems and decision-making. Real-time decisions at the network edge will become the norm not the exception. Delivering business outcomes quickly and securely requires real-time decisions at the edge. Moving computing power, data extraction and management to the edge allows faster access to the data to make decisions. Then there is the growing acceptance of edgeware applications; direct connection to the Cloud and the ability to bring different applications together utilizing the same data and being able to collect all this data and then relate the data to other data you never thought to relate it to before and find how find the value in it.

Sinclair:  What does it mean for Lynxspring?

Petock:  For us we have created Lynxspring E2E (Edge-to- Enterprise) for intelligent systems, smart equipment, smart devices and services delivery, that addresses the connectivity and management of intelligent devices at the edge and in the Cloud. Lynxspring E2E is an edge to-enterprise platform and ecosystem for the Internet of Things that is enabling true collaboration between intelligent systems, smart devices, and smart equipment and Cloud services. It is empowering customers to leverage IoT and optimize the intelligence and analytics from data by providing a robust ecosystem for edge capabilities via a single, portable platform and support of a variety of applications for all types of equipment and devices with the flexibility of open and additional value strengths including open APIs, development tools, open source access, an open hardware platform and the power of Cloud services. It’s what we refer to as delivering the Intelligence of Things.

Sinclair:  What makes up E2E?

Petock:  Lynxspring E2E consists of three layers: an IP software Stack and core building blocks (Helixx™), a hardware platform and applications (Onyxx™) and Cloud Services (Connexxion®).

Helixx™ is an open source, software and continuous framework designed with a “one tool - do it once” (design an application once and deploy across multiple settings). Helixx™ has all the features needed to connect, control, analyze, protect and manage devices and equipment for this new paradigm of E2E.

Onyxx™ is an embedded edge platform that includes a family of hardware, modules, bridges and gateways supporting devices and equipment from the edge to the Enterprise and Cloud applications.

Connexxion® is an IoT data extraction and management platform that combines the Cloud, connectivity, data collection, data aggregation, integration and application management that delivers real-time, operational and energy information generated from building systems, equipment and enterprise applications. Connexxion® is completely agnostic with restful APIs for any application(s).

Sinclair:  So you will be at the 2016 AHR Expo. Will you be showing E2E?

[an error occurred while processing this directive]Petock:  As part of our presence at the 2016 AHR Expo we will be sharing several new product and solution offerings and services related to E2E for both the integrator community and OEMs. We will have working demos of an Onyxx BACnet to Haystack Data Pump providing BACnet to Haystack network communication and data exchange between equipment and devices; an Onyxx Cellular Router; an Onyxx 34 IO-input output option on the Onyxx platform that can work with any system that supports BACnet and a Onyxx WCT with Bluetooth® connectivity. The Onyxx WCT can connect to a Bluetooth enabled wireless current transformer (CT), providing a completely wireless edge to controller environment. In addition, we will have our Onyxx based LYNX CyberPRO and a demonstration of Connexxion.

Sinclair:  Where will Lynxspring be at AHR Expo?

Petock:  We will be in the Building Automation & Control Showcase, Booth #1442.

Sinclair:  So it looks like you have all been busy?

Petock: Yes indeed. In addition to what I have mentioned here, we have an exciting roadmap that we are delivering on as well as some other things you will be hearing about soon. I will be the Master of Ceremony again for this year’s Control Trend Awards being held January 24, from 6:30PM to 9:30PM, at Orlando’s Hard Rock Live and joining you at our Fourth Annual Connection Community Collaboratory taking place on Tuesday, January 26 at 1:30 PM.


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