March 2008

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Frank Capuano, President, Strata Resource Inc.EMAIL INTERVIEW Frank Capuano & Ken Sinclair

Frank Capuano, President,  Strata Resource Inc

Manager of the Buildy Awards Program and Editor of the daily event paper produced for ConnectivityWeek

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Sinclair:  The Buildy Award program is back at ConnectivityWeek this year, what can we expect?

Capuano:  This is the fifth year for Buildy and as we’ve seen in previous years, you can expect this award program to bring out the best the industry has to offer in smart device connectivity, integration and interoperability.

Sinclair:  Have any of the categories changed from last year?

Capuano:  Yes. The awards categories have changed significantly. Over the past years the Buildy awards have focused primarily on Intelligent Building systems and products, which were typically part of either the BuilConn, M2M or ZigBee events. This year the Buildy awards program has been expanded to include all ConnectivityWeek events – BuilConn, HomeConn, IndConn, DR, GirdWise, ZigBee and M2M.

Sinclair:  Do you mean there will be separate awards program for each event?

Capuano:  No. Buildy is the unifying awards program for ConnectivityWeek.

Sinclair:  Could you give us an overview of the expanded Buildy Awards program?

Capuano:  Yes. The Buildy awards celebrate companies, organizations and individuals who best support the vision of smart device connectivity. The Buildy awards recognizes the many facets of smart device connectivity by establishing eight award categories, as follows:

For a complete description of each category visit

Sinclair:  Has the voting processes changed from last year?

Capuano:  No. Once all nomination are submitted, the finalists will be selected in each category and the winning finalist in each category is elected by ConnectivityWeek attendees during ConnectivityWeek starting on May 22nd. In essence, the winners are selected by their peers at the event that brings together all of the disparate facets of smart device connectivity. It’s been an exciting process in the past and we are looking forward to another exciting round voting at ConnectivityWeek this year.

Sinclair:  When will the winners be announced?

Capuano:  The Buildy Award winners will be announced during the Award Gala on the evening of May 22th at ConnectivityWeek. Nominees must be present or have a representative present to win.

Sinclair:  When is the deadline for submitting nominations?

Capuano:  The deadline is April 15th, 2008, but nominations can be submitted starting now.

contemporary Sinclair:  What is the submission process? And who is eligible to participate?

Capuano:  The submission process is very simple and participation is open to Industry Professionals, Systems Integrators, Technology Manufacturers, Developers and Facility Owners, Architects and Consulting Engineers. All nominations must be submitted electronically using the Buildy Awards Form, which is available for download at The form is a MS Word document that should be completed electronically and emailed to

Sinclair:  Who won the Buildy last year?

Capuano:  Last year we had a lot of worthy nominations in each category. In the end the ConnectivityWeek attendees were able to select a definitive winner in each category. (The 6 categories used last year differ from the 8 categories established for this year.) The 2007 winners were:

For more details on last year’s award recipients and photos go to

Sinclair:  Sounds like last year’s winners are a tough crowd to beat. Any predictions for this year?

Capuano:  I think this year’s nominations will include many new companies and projects that continue to raise the bar for excellence. There is so much happening in the industry today with technology, standards, a penchant for Green and the national power gird that there will be no shortage of worthy Buildy nominees. The Buildy Award will continue to recognize and celebrate innovation and success we witness everyday in this industry.


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