March 2009

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Jim SinopoliEMAIL INTERVIEW Jim Sinopoli & Ken Sinclair

Jim Sinopoli, Principal, Sinopoli and Associates
Author of "Smart Buildings"

Contributing Editor


Education and Training needs for the designers, contractors and managers of high performance and integrated buildings 

Smart Buildings is in the business of providing professional consulting and engineering services related to integrated building technology systems. Our goal is to continue to be a leader recognized within the industry as authoritative and resourceful. Our business philosophy places importance on clients, technology expertise, innovation, and our industry’s growth. Consistent with that has been our involvement with certification efforts and industry training and education. As technology evolves and there is a greater demand for skills and knowledge related to high performance buildings, education and training are critical. The attached survey will collect industry data to guide and assist in industry education and training efforts. It is an endeavor to get the views of persons in the industry or interested in the industry who best know what the educational demands and needs are. Please take a minute and provide your views. We’ll follow up with the results of the survey so you’ll have a chance to see what all of our colleagues think about education and training as well.

Industry survey to gather information regarding educational and training needs and trends, and needs for certification -

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Sinclair:  What’s the purpose of the education and training survey?

Sinopoli:  We are trying to identify the knowledge and skill sets in the current marketplace, determine the training needs, and develop a learning curriculum to provide a solid understanding of integrated building systems.

Sinclair:  What are some of the major challenges to delivering integrated systems?

Sinopoli There are an abundance of challenges facing the marketplace. These include the legacy and fragmented building design and construction processes, technology evolution, the width swath of building systems from lighting controls to AV to video surveillance and beyond, the wealth of manufacturers and developers of advanced and open building components, and the lack of standard terminology that can cause confusion among industry participants. 

Control Solutions, Inc Sinclair:  Who should participate in this survey?

Sinopoli Anyone who wants to join the evolution from brick and mortar to sustainable, high performance buildings.  This includes architects, engineers, consultants, developers and owners, manufacturers, contractors and integrators.

Sinclair:  What type of education program are you anticipating?

Sinopoli:  The knowledge base for someone involved with integrated building systems is extensive. It involves some knowledge and skills in each of the different building systems as well as the process for designing, constructing and operating a building. Many industry organizations have fine educational and training offerings in one aspect of integrated systems. However these need to be brought together under one umbrella and supplement with offerings specific to integration and the operation of a high performance building.


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