March 2009

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Our interview section allows busy industry leaders to quickly provide insight into rapidly evolving industry issues. If you have subject matter or industry issues you would like insight into or would like to be interviewed yourself contact us.

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March 2009

Certification?  Education and Training needs for the designers, contractors and managers of high performance and integrated buildings.  Jim Sinopoli, Principal, Sinopoli and Associates

Ultra High Performance HVAC Our OptimumHVAC software is a “shovel ready” energy efficiency solution  Gary Gigot, Marketing Executive, Optimum Energy LLC

The OPC Advantage in a Down Economy  Member companies of the OPC Foundation devote considerable time and resources to developing robust interfaces to all the protocols used within the Building Automation industry, and then in keeping with the core values of OPC technology, make them off-the-shelf products.  Tom Burke - President, and Manny Mandrusiak - Vice President of OPC Marketing, OPC Foundation

5th Annual Conference on Total Building Commissioning April 15-17, 2009, Chicago, IL  Ray Bert, Associate Executive Director, AABC Commissioning Group (ACG)

Plug into Profit 09  In May this year the Universal Powerline Association launches its premiere Global Event, Plug into Profit 09.  It is designed as a forum for people who want to benefit from the growing powerline communication universe. Daniel A. Drolet Sr, Chairman of Universal Powerline Association,  EVP, Director of Business Development PCN Technology

February / January 2009

What is Niagara Video?
Marc Petock, Vice President, Global Marketing & Communications, Tridium
Niagara Video is our latest application in providing a comprehensive intelligent building solution that integrates all the common building functions-environmental control, intrusion detection, access control, lighting and energy management with video.

Is 2009 the year of significant change?
Anto Budiardjo, President & CEO of Clasma Events Inc.
It has the markings of it Ken, the perfect storm is forming. I don’t think 2009 will be business as usual.

AHR Interviews

What's New in Control Solutions?
Jim Hogenson, Control Solutions, Inc. - Minnesota
We will also be introducing our new BACnet IP Web Server, as well as our web based remote monitoring service and cellular remote monitoring products.

What’s New In Controls Estimating?
Al De Wachter, President, Independent Control Specialists Inc. ICS
"To achieve a different result, you must try a different approach."

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