March 2021

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Womansplaining Building Automation

It is the opposite of mansplaining. Learn a topic from a competent woman and it is not unsolicited.

Sudha Jamthe is
a Technology Futurist and CEO of IoTDisruptions
who mentors business leaders with Capstone projects to solve industry AI problems at Stanford Continuing Studies and online a

Contributing Editor

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Let me start with Womansplaining.

It is the opposite of mansplaining. Learn a topic from a competent woman and it is not unsolicited. So ask for a topic to get it for International Woman's Day mar 8th and come back to watch a collection of terms womansplained here

Now what is building automation?

An entire industry has been digitizing the building for decades. From my experience tracking digitization of the car on it's path to autonomy, I can see the parallels.

1. First, it was automation of the 'things' towards cost efficiencies and going green.

HVAC systems manage heat for buildings and manage energy efficiently. ICT Control systems began adding controls to all equipment and provided for remote maintenance. This has been very crucial during the covid lockdowns allowing technicians to monitor and maintain equipment remotely. Building auto automation systems BAS evolved to provide and manage this automation for the whole building. In that journey now we have energy managed using Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to manage equipment uptime for optimal energy costs.

2. Second, it was the impact of shifts outside of building in energy industry and connectivity in all industries

The changes in several industries outside of building space has brought in technologies and innovations that are now supporting the automation of buildings. In the car  V2G (Vehicle to Grid)  technology was created and it drove up  powering of buildings. In buildings, the decentralization of the energy grid brought the energy grid to commercial buildings as micro grids. Equipment maintenance got automated with IoT and  Digital Twins. Remote operations everywhere brought the focus on facilities management to give remote support for managing buildings bringing big data and analytics to track and optimize everything remotely.

3. Now we are entering the era of the AI

The major shift in bringing AI to buildings is the shift in seeing buildings as powered by people and not seeing them as structures and equipment. We have learnt that people are the humanity of AI Automation. So the personalization of buildings has begun. ( Link to ken talk with me)

Now I bring you Womansplaining of some of the key topics we discussed above.

1. Rebecca Wolcoff, Machine Learning Engineer at Enel X in Silicon Valley talks about Machine Learning in building energy management

2. Sneha Jadhav talks about building digital twins to connect equipment to create their digital replica.

3. Roxy Stimpson talks about data architecture for IoT to connect sensors and control systems to the cloud


4. Rebehak Tweed talks about Facial Recognition and how it is becoming an identity tool for public buildings such as airports and concerns and the ethical issues it raises.

5. Susanna Raj talks about Ethics of data.

6. Finally my (Sudha Jamthe technology futurist prediction about collision of autonomous buildings and autonomous vehicles leading us to a future as buildings become autonomous with AI personalities serving us.

Join me on this journey to learn, innovate and invite more #Womansplaining to bring diversity of competent perspectives. You can suggest a topic here or come watch and learn from smart womxn on March 8th IWD2021 .

Sudha Jamthe is a Technology Futurist who enjoys mentoring business leaders in learning communities at She teaches AI and AVs at Stanford Continuing Studies and AIX at Barcelona Technology School.

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