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Comments by Ken Sinclair
Publisher -

March - Our Amazing Women Choose to Challenge

sub-theme is  "Be the Change" which fits well, because from challenge comes change the IWD 2021 campaign theme.

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The campaign theme for International Women's Day 2021 is 'Choose To Challenge'. A challenged world is an alert world. And from challenge comes change. So let's all #ChooseToChallenge.

Take this time to recognize the women in our industry. Thank them for their hard work, and ask how you can help support them and get more women in the industry.

Automated Buildings is celebrating the amazing women in this industry by featuring articles and interviews in our March issue with female-identifying authors.

Several of their articles addressed how to attract more women to our industry and explaining How We Got Here and Where We’re Going encouraging all women to makeYour New Vocation, Building Automation

On the subject of mentorship comes this great advice - The wisdom of experience is important for learning how to navigate complex project hierarchies, technical applications and for seeing the big picture that might escape notice from a less experienced eye. It’s in all of our best interests to remain open to learning and mentorships as they happen, it’s not only an exercise for the young. We all need support and opportunities to learn throughout our careers. Challenge yourself and your peers to identify women in your office who would welcome an opportunity to expand their skill set. How can you help her learn more and earn more?


Thanks and recognition, to our co-founder of our industries' most amazing women, Jane Sinclair, Chief Managing Editor for our online magazine

Pictured here almost always out of the public eye.  She was the only person in the world that read every issue word for word for 22 years and helped make our free industry sponsored resource possible.  Thank you, Jane.

Jane has had some health issues this year and has had to step away from her complete daily immersion in our magazine and I now clearly understand the value she has provided over the years.

The industry will greatly miss her direct involvement as do I, but as always she is my constant support.

One of our favorite younger mentor, our daughter unfortunately, not from our industry, has taught us over the years a better understanding of the challenges and concerns of women in the workspace. She brings a global view living in Australia and writes the opening to our March theme, in this review,

Choose to Challenge   because from challenge comes change the IWD 2021 campaign theme: so let's all choose to challenge

I was extremely pleased that our industry message and celebration of our mazing women was carried by Contractor Magazine to a larger audience in a related industry

In addition to all the amazing insight provide by our industries women we have our usual content

The End of the BAS Era   By Scott Cochrane, President and CEO, Cochrane Supply & Engineering; Contributing Editor,

YES, the BAS industry is becoming another IT industry, just like the telephone industry did. Instead of dedicating a business's IT department to dealing with networks that support the building, these new networks will be designed by mechanical engineers, installed by mechanical contractors, and maintained by the building’s facility staff, all of whom will combine their mechanical knowledge with new IT knowledge to craft a modern solution. Welcome to our new reality—completely IP based digitized systems controlling buildings with 100X the data. That data, constantly being analyzed by analytics driven by artificial intelligence, are creating new energy efficiency standards, new building control capabilities, and an entire industry of new smart building features now enabled for the owners and occupants within.    

Haystack Connect 2021 Agenda Takes Shape    As in past years, presentations will focus on real-world challenges in integrating diverse systems and data, and are delivered by individuals leading the effort to streamline data interchange through the use of Project Haystack technology. John Petze, Executive Director, Project Haystack, and Marc Petock, Executive Secretary, Project Haystack
Concerns, Interesting and Chuckles One of the many new normal adjustments resulting from the pandemic is the increased use of hybrid models whether it be where we work, how we work, or when we work. Marc Petock
Building Automation and AI? Set the data free. Provide Meaning. And let’s go!   Nicolas Waern  "The Building Whisperer"

Project Haystack - J2 Innovations   Open frameworks will make buildings more efficient, sustainable, and better for occupants. B. Scott Muench, Vice President Marketing & Business Development, J2 Innovations.

The Vulnerability of Things & the Need for Lightweight Encryption in Smart Devices Published: February 17th, 2021 Memoori

The Impacts of New Sensor and Data Fusion Technologies

Very Pleased to be a keynote speaker A Smart Building Controls Conference, With All-New Hybrid Format!   New for Controls-Con 2021 is not only enhanced offerings through a conversion to a hybrid* event (MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit, MI combined with a robust virtual platform), but also through the added value of a Pre-Conference education day! register today at

Controls-Con is a biennial, idea-packed conference that brings together hundreds of systems integrators, HVAC, mechanical and controls contractors, service technicians, facility managers, engineers and more. Through a variety of panels and sessions focused on both business and technology, the speakers and audience will explore the latest technologies and possibilities of Building Automation, Building Controls and Operational Technology. This highly-engaged forum brings invaluable networking opportunities, cutting-edge educational content and direct access to the industry’s top vendors through a virtual Expo Hall.

“A core part of the attendee experience is exposing them to the newest products and services in the industry and giving professionals and owners the tools they need to make our buildings smarter,” said Scott Cochrane, President and CEO of Cochrane Supply & Engineering as well as President of Canada Controls.

“Our speaker lineup is headlined by 30+ industry experts with various specialties, coming together to convey current trends, recommended strategies and future outlooks on where the industry is headed.” Featured Controls-Con speakers will include: Ken Sinclair, Editor, Owner and Founder of; Jim Young, Founder and CEO of Realcomm Conference Group; Martin Villeneuve, Senior Vice President of Distributed Building Technology at Acuity Brands and President of Distech Controls; Terrill Laughton, Vice President and General Manager for Energy Optimization and Connected Offerings at Johnson Controls; Pat Tessier, Senior Director of Global Product Management for Building Management Systems at Honeywell; and Ken Schmidt, Manager Director at Tridium Global.

Also pleased to be a media sponsor of  Haystack Connect 2021 – a Virtual Conference  John Petze, Executive Director, Project Haystack, and Marc Petock, Executive Secretary, Project Haystack Project Haystack is excited to announce its fifth biennial Haystack Connect conference will take place May 4 – 6, 2021. While the virtual format may be new this year, attendees can still expect the same quality technical program, driven by the Project Haystack community. Whether you are a building owner or operator, facilities manager, an integrator, or OEM, new to Haystack or an expert, this event is for you!

Wow! Now over 20,400 folks following my personal LinkedIn account where I posted all related industry information almost daily.  I am amazed at the global reach of these following folks and their diverse perspective of our industry. I am humbled that they choose to follow me as I depict our industries evolution. Thank you all for your support.

Our LinkedIn online group created for discussion of our magazine created in 2010 Online Magazine Forum now has over 4200 members and has taking on a life of it's own. I read the group with the same interest as everyone else to see what folks want to share what new and trending.

My twitter account also started in 2010 has over 1400 followers as well

Our online magazine was started 22 years ago before social media identities like, LinkedIn launched on May 5, 2003 and twitter Twttr launched to the public in July 2006, were vehicles of how special interest folks could find each other. We are working to build bridges from our long online history of controlled blogging of ongoing industry information with these and other social medias of the day. You can help as we see as a landing pad for information that needs to be shared with our industry. We never throw anything away and it alway resides at the same URL. 

Welcome our newest advertiser Imagine the building of tomorrow shaped by ABB Ability™ technology of today. We are working together to create workplaces where anything is possible.

The news just keeps flowing thru our web-site, and RSS feeds daily, and of course the only way to find what you are looking for in the vast quantity of information on our site is with our site search engine

As always lots of new products, plus be sure to check our event calendar to see the number of events we have in our future.

Editorial from Feburary 2021
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