May 2011

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Ron BersteinEMAIL INTERVIEW –  Ron Bernstein & Ken Sinclair

Ron Bernstein, Executive Director, LonMark International

Mr. Bernstein is the Executive Director of LONMARK International. In this role, he is responsible for the direction and activity of LONMARK worldwide and works directly with the regional affiliates, LMI staff, and the membership to continue developing LONWORKS open standards, provide educational programs, and grow the LONWORKS presence in the market.

LONCOM Americas

This will be the first time that a LONCOM event is being held in the United States.

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SinclairWhat is LONCOM Americas?

Bernstein:  LONCOM Americas is a two-day event taking place May 11th and 12th at the McDonald’s Hamburger University. LonMark International is organizing this event to bring together owners, operators, facility managers, integrators, installers and developers of LonMark open systems and LonWorks control technology. This will be the first time that a LONCOM event is being held in the United States. Previous LONCOM events have been held in Germany to bring together people in Europe. We felt it was time to develop a program specifically for the Americas market.

SinclairWhy is it being held at Hamburger University?

Bernstein:  McDonald’s Corporation is a LonMark Sponsor member. They generously allowed us access to their great facility for two days to bring together the LON community. It is important to point out that McDonald’s currently uses LonMark open systems as the foundation for its smart kitchens.

SinclairTell me more about smart kitchens.

Bernstein:  The smart kitchen consists of restaurant equipment communicating and sharing information using the LonWorks network infrastructure. This supports the development of applications that help to improve the operational and energy efficiency of its restaurants. McDonald’s turned to LonMark International to create and manage interoperability standards for networked kitchen equipment and building automation systems. Interoperability standards help to ensure that the kitchen and building equipment can communicate with each other on a common network. McDonald’s will share information on their smart kitchen and energy sustainability program with LONCOM attendees.

SinclairWhy should people attend LONCOM?

Bernstein:  Most people spend too much time putting out fires and less time preventing them. We designed the content of this two-day event to help people think more strategically about their jobs. Conference speakers will share how their organizations are maximizing LONMARK open systems to change the way they specify, design, install, support and use this powerful technology platform.

Furthermore, LONCOM Americas offers attendee’s innovative perspectives and strategies to incorporate the lessons of others into their work environment. LONCOM has something for everyone including owners, operators, managers, integrators and suppliers. There is an even balance of content for those new to LonMark and LonWorks and those that are experts in the field. In addition to the educational content, LonMark Task Group meetings will be held. These task group meetings develop, review, and discuss new and enhanced LonMark standards. At this conference the BAS, System Services, Utility, Automated Food Service, and Lighting Task Groups will convene Overall, it is a great opportunity to interact with peers and industry experts as they share their knowledge and expertise on how to get the most out this standards-based technology platform, given our limited resources.

SinclairIs it too late to register?

Bernstein:  No, there is plenty of time to register. In fact, people can even register on-site, if they want.

SinclairWhere can people find more information on this event?

Bernstein:  The easiest way to get more information is to visit the LonMark website at and click on the LONCOM Americas image on the top of the page. The full agenda with speakers is available on-line and to download.

This is turning into a fantastic event. The rich conference program, coupled with the contacts made there will be well worth the trip.

Thanks for the time. We look forward to seeing everyone in Oak Brook.



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