September 2008

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EMAIL INTERVIEW  Bob Hirsch & Ken Sinclair

Bob Hirsch, Senior Vice President, Lynxspring, Inc

Bob Hirsch is responsible for product development and OEM projects. He is a graduate in
Mechanical Engineering from Mankato State University and has over 15 years experience in the control industry.

Reduce Installation and Setup

Our appliance allows a technician or building owner the opportunity to quickly, and without much experience, setup a fully functional, web-based, building monitoring and control system.

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Sinclair:  Tell us about your product.

Hirsch:  JENEsys™snap! is the product, it is completely NiagaraAX based and fully automated for reduced installation and setup for a HVAC system, typically existing in smaller (<~20,000ft2) buildings. The ease of use through our appliance allows a technician or building owner the opportunity to quickly, and without much experience, setup a fully functional, web-based, building monitoring and control system. Our product grabs the attention of owners of smaller buildings that in the past could not afford the cost of an automated building and energy management system.

Sinclair:  What separates your company from the competition?

Hirsch:  We were fortunate that our competition had been in the market before us. This allowed us to evaluate those products and develop features that were, frankly, missing or unattainable in our competitor’s products. Also, we took advantage of the power of NiagaraAX and used it so that anybody could easily setup the system and realize the value quickly.

Sinclair:  Who is your target audience/demographic?

Hirsch:  We recognized a huge market of small to medium sized buildings that were being controlled simply by an on/off heat/cool thermostat. If the owner was lucky, a timer and/or a programmable thermostat may have existed. Our focus was to create an affordable and easy to use mechanism for those building owners so that they could capture the power of having an automated system that managed their entire facility locally and/or remotely through a WEB interface.

Sinclair:  Why would I want to buy your product?

Hirsch:  I have always said that you cannot improve on something unless you are measuring its performance. If you are not being proactive in measuring the energy usage of your building it will be difficult to improve upon your buildings performance and you may be throwing money right out of the window. JENEsys™snap! brings your individual HVAC systems into a single system where you can conveniently schedule, change set points, schedule demand limiting, trending, receive alarms locally or via email, receive energy usage reports and globally adjust parameters. Those features and more allow you to measure your buildings HVAC performance and quickly react to your buildings HVAC requirements.

Sinclair:  How will my business benefit from using your product?

Hirsch:   As I mentioned previously, measuring and controlling your building with this system will inevitably enhance the performance of the buildings HVAC system and comfort requirements. Thus, quickly realize better control of your HVAC energy and equipment costs.

Sinclair:  What makes your product the best?

Hirsch:  Its many features which include ease of setup, performance measurement, WEB enablement and remote accessibility, reporting, global changes, equipment configurations and cost. Also, most comparable products are “fixed function”. With this product a user working with a Lynxspring Business Partner can add value and integrate other applications into the core system.

Sinclair:  How are you positioned in the market?

Hirsch:  I believe because of today’s higher energy costs and our time to the market we have situated ourselves very well. Now small building owners can affordably measure and control their HVAC costs without experiencing huge upfront equipment and installation fees. Also, our product had the opportunity to develop into its features the needs that the current market requires whereas our competition did not see these opportunities in the previous lower energy cost market.

Sinclair:  What goods/services do you offer?

Hirsch:  We view JENEsys™snap! as a nucleus for many additional functions and features that will provide for entire buildings needs. We are currently in development and should have something to share with you very soon so please stay tuned.


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