September 2019

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Comments by Ken Sinclair
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Building Backbones and Wireless Skin

Our internet communication connections with everything are under metamorphic change. They are morphing before our eyes to glass and thin air, "Fiber" and "Wireless" from the traditional miles of copper wire.

Please read our review of Building Backbones - we all need to re-educate ourselves to understand how rapidly our communication medium is changing.

For the purpose of this editorial I am going to extend the double play on words meaning into personal backbone decisions you must make daily in the smart automated building industry.

Ken Sinclair

You must have Backbone and Integrity in all your choices, short term and long term. We have some great articles showing us excellent examples of personal backbones of belief.

And what of our Wireless Skin? When the world of mobility data from the smart city collides with our buildings we must seamlessly not seemlessly, provide a friendly open transition with a robust wireless skin well connected to our building backbone of glass.

My take on how the almost or near 5G might roll out is...The next 5G movement will not come from the mobile cell service providers as they are now immobilized with the scope of change and functional creep of 5G. It will be the progressive informed building owners that will move to their own in-building wireless to provide a never-before-seen user experience including location services occupant heat mapping.

This may be driven in retrofit faster than new construction as an old building without network infrastructure needs DAS to provide existing cell phone survival and near 5G is easy to piggyback on new DAS.

It appears clear to me the low voltage power for our edge devices will come from a USB plug-in every light fixture or be generated autonomously, not POE because future tenant networking infrastructure will be wireless.

As mobility data is amassed from ride-hailing, dockless bikes and e-scooters, cities need tools to responsibly track, store, and analyze it. Mobility data could give cities new tools to improve equity.

We need to add our buildings to this list of things amassing mobility data and determine how our building data fits into this movement.

Municipalities across the country have joined together to create a new global non-profit organization called the Open Mobility Foundation to support the development of open-sourced software that provides scalable mobility solutions for cities.

This article speaks of the next step  AIX is the area of design about how we design products and experiences in the world automated by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Worried that what I am talking about is too far in the future? This article from 20 years ago predicts fiber medium of millennial but we are still installing copper. Change in our industry is very slow but this does not stop me from make you aware of the changes I feel are coming

From our "Told You So" file, while researching Building Backbone I found this gem of history from the year 2000 in our online magazine

But more and more our online magazine is becoming a place we all can think out loud.

Over 800 have joined our LinkedIn group of over 15,939 this month

Who are they? Not a official poll just my observations. Lots of new interns just out of university first job....  yaaa! we are starting to attract new folks to our industry. Lots of folks from India, that seems to be our go to source for capable engineering folks.  Lots of IT folks trying to figure out what the heck is a Smart Automated Buildings and what is OT versus IT? Me too...big smile.

As always this new issue is a nest of great articles, columns, reviews, new products, interviews and of course the steady stream of news depicting our rapidly evolution and journey.

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As always lots of new products, plus be sure to check our event calendar to see the number of events we have in our future.

Editorial from August 2019
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