December 2004
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EasySens Successful in First Major Projects

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Control Solutions, Inc

Co-operation between EnOcean and Thermokon is beginning to bear fruit.

Batteryless radio sensors from Thermokon are already in use in a number of major projects. Just half a year after the official market launch of the first EasySens products, cooperation between Thermokon and EnOcean is showing first signs of a significant impact. In the Aviva Munich office complex the air-conditioning receives current readings of room temperature and is told which temperature to set by solar-powered radio sensors.

Thermokon sensors with EnOcean radio technology are used in various halls of the Frankfurt exhibition grounds for precise temperature detection. Depending on the style of an event, the halls are split up differently. Wireless communication delivers the temperature values needed to air-condition the halls. Sensors travel with the particular hall arrangement to allow optimisation of the HVAC during an event.

A current major project for use in office complexes is the UNIQA Tower in Vienna. The building has a net floor area of some 31,000 sqm (about the same as five soccer pitches), and here Thermokon wireless sensors detect readings of room temperature on the different floors. The instrumentation and control engineering in place in the modern structure, with its glass facades and glass interior walls, is really only made possible by the use of freely located radio sensors. Glass or movable walls divide whole rooms or floors, which makes corresponding demands on the HVAC. The solution: sensors attached to glass send their information by way of LON radio receivers fitted in the ceilings to the instrumentation and control facility. Johnson Controls Austria GmbH in Vienna is responsible for the design and installation of the entire instrumentation and control engineering.

In addition to the wireless technology of course, the fact that the solar-powered sensors require no maintenance is also a vital factor. The maintenance investment and the insecurity of continuously operating, battery-powered wireless systems have always been a drawback.




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