May 2004
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CABA To Transfer oBIX™ Governance

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The CABA Board of Directors today announced that it has initiated a process to transfer governance of oBIX™ (Open Building Information Xchange) to a technical committee at the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS). OASIS is a global, non-profit consortium that focuses on the development and adoption of e-business standards.

"We are pleased to have initiated and nurtured the formative stages of the oBIX™," stated Ron Zimmer, CABA President & CEO. "We expect that the shift to OASIS will accommodate the creation of a complete Web services specification devised specifically for the operation of commercial buildings."

Comprised of representatives from the entire spectrum of the buildings systems industry, oBIX™ includes professionals from the security, HVAC, building automation, open protocol and IT disciplines. oBIX™ was originally established as a CABA working group in April 2003. Today its membership has grown to over 100 members. With the working group requiring the resources of a standard development body, a transition team was formed in late 2003 to investigate potential hosting organizations. The transition team evaluated many options for hosting and recommended the selection of OASIS based on their development process, reputation and ability to support this effort. This recommendation was approved by the full committee on April 13, 2004 and subsequently by the CABA board. Work has already begun to form the technical committee within OASIS. CABA will continue to be involved with oBIX™ and is pleased to be recognized as its founding association. Other industry organizations, including LonMark International have also pledged continued involvement.

"CABA's contribution to oBIX™ encouraged broad industry support for the initiative," said Paul Ehrlich, Business Development Leader, Trane and past oBIX™ chair. "It is our intention to continue the momentum required for a robust and operationally effective standard."

contemporary The objective of oBIX™ is to have a common, standardized, secure way to manage intelligent buildings with greater interoperability between systems. To achieve this goal, oBIX™ is creating standard XML and Web Services guidelines to facilitate the exchange of information between intelligent buildings, enable enterprise application integration and bring forth systems integration. Based on standards widely used by the IT industry, oBIX™ will improve operational effectiveness, giving facility managers and building owners increased knowledge and control of their properties helping to fulfill the vision of truly intelligent buildings.

"Web services are instrumental in enabling interoperability and data sharing in a secure and reliable way," said Toby Considine, Manager of Technology Services for Facilities Services at the University of North Carolina, and new oBIX™ chair. "CABA recognizes the benefits of Web services for building automation, and through its sponsorship of this committee, helped pave the way for greater awareness and adoption of Web services in the industry."

Information about the oBIX initiative is available at

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