October 2004
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New Control System from YORK® Offers Complete BACnet Connectivity

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YORK, PA – With the introduction of its new Integrated Systems Network (ISN) ConneXsys line of controls, York International Corporation becomes the first HVAC manufacturer to offer a control system that provides complete, BACnet connectivity from the smallest terminal unit to the largest chiller. ISN ConneXsys controls provide cost savings, unsurpassed communication capability and greater system-control flexibility.

The ISN ConneXsys control line delivers all the savings inherent with digital control and avoids the high costs associated with purchasing translators to convert proprietary languages to BACnet. ISN ConneXsys control communication is based on BACnet, which is the ASHRAE standard for HVAC communications. This ensures compatibility with other open systems based on this standard.

Another cost-saving feature incorporated into the ISN ConneXsys control line is an Auto-Discovery feature that automatically inputs the point data for each device in the control system. The ConneXsys Operator Workstation can also discover other BACnet-compatible devices on the network, eliminating the laborious entry of device addresses into routing tables.

ISN ConneXsys controls also take advantage of Internet technology to provide unsurpassed communication capabilities. The ISN ConneXsys Web option provides Internet access to controllers through a standard browser interface. Displays, setpoints, reports and schedules can be managed anywhere there is Internet access, and alarms can be sent to email, cell phone, printer, or pager, reducing labor costs, minimizing downtime and improving system reliability.

Reliable Controls The controllers’ advanced interface displays equipment graphics in a realistic and animated format, with a global perspective that makes it possible to monitor the entire system from one location.

Connection of ISN ConneXsys components is simple, using common (RS-485) communication. The virtually unlimited network capacity makes it possible to create a bridged ISN ConneXsys network for any campus. The high-speed system offers excellent response time between controllers for rapid transfer of data.

Greater system control flexibility is available at a touch. There’s no need to settle for typical control routines because the user-friendly software allows you to reconfigure your system using English and graphics rather than a programming language. Distributed program architecture makes it possible to program from any controller, and ISN ConneXsys development tools allow the user to create any number of custom applications.

Born of our commitment to advanced HVAC technology, YORK Controls Systems was established in 1982 to meet customer demands for both HVAC and facility controls. Today, YORK controls are used in over 100 countries.


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