April 2006

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Building Automation 2006 Conference

   Paul Ehrlich, P.E. Building Intelligence Group

Building Automation 2006 Conference

Engineered Systems Magazine held their first ever Building Automation conference in Baltimore on March 8 – 9. The event was a rousing success, bringing together building owners, consulting engineers, suppliers and experts for a two day event focused on planning and change. Several attendees commented on how they had been able to attend the popular NFMT show earlier in the week and then stayed on the attend Building Automation 2006. Peter Moran, Publisher of Engineered Systems stated that “We where delighted to see that the majority of the attendees represented major institutional owners and consulting engineers. This is very representative of the readership of Engineered Systems magazine. That we had a sold out event, speaks to the interest in this important area.”

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The conference was kicked off by a talk from Dr. Volker Hartkopf of Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Hartkopf shared his research on the impact of energy usage, global development, occupant comfort and productivity. His research on the “Building as a Power Plant” project is anticipated to result in a facility that is flexible, comfortable, easily upgraded and is a net provider of energy!

Following the keynote the conference broke into two tracks. The first was focused on technology and the second on operations. Both tracks remained filled throughout the days with lots of discussion and interaction. On the technology tracks there where panels on cutting edge issues including wireless, internet, and integration. On the owners track tough issues including automation design and specification, enterprise management, commissioning, energy and integration where discussed. At the end of the two day session the attendees came together for an interactive workshop on facility automation planning.

Based on the feedback from the attendees, speakers, and sponsors the event was a rousing success. Many stated that they would plan on attending again next year. There was also strong interest in seeing an owner focused event on the West Coast. So in response Engineered Systems is planning on two additional events. The first will be held in San Diego this fall. This will provide a chance for owners and consultants to gather on the West coast. Secondly they are already planning on another event in Baltimore next spring that will again be the same week as NFMT.

If you are interested in being involved in these events as a speaker, sponsor or attendee please contact Jessica Yamin at 1-888-530-6714 or yaminj@bnpmedia.com

West Coast Building Automation 2006 Conference


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