April 2007
Letter to the Industry  

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An Open Invitation to Participate in a
CABA - Intelligent Buildings Industry Development Workshop
May 25, 2007 in Chicago

During a special CABA meeting held at AHR in Dallas this January, it was agreed that a follow-up meeting should be organized during ConnectivityWeek in Chicago to discuss CABA’s Intelligent Buildings Roadmap and other industry initiatives. It was agreed that it would be held in conjunction with CABA’s regularly scheduled Intelligent & Integrated Buildings Council (IIBC) meeting.

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Status of this initiative

During the Dallas meeting, numerous perspectives were outlined driving a need for all of the stakeholders involved with commercial buildings to get together and move the industry forward. This discussion continued after the meeting in numerous emails threads between the participants as well as others and some of the thoughts were:  

  • There is a consensus that tremendous opportunities are occurring with the delivery of more integrated, intelligent and sustainable buildings.

  • There is a growing group of stakeholders that are affecting and being affected by this disruption. This includes HVAC, Security, IT, FM, Energy, Owners, Operators, REITs, Architects, Consultants, etc.

  • There is a need to organize the industry and drive this forward, via events, conferences, education, etc.

  • We would like to call the various elements, sub-systems and technologies of the Integrated and Intelligent Buildings an “Industry” however, the building design, construction and facility management industries are too fragmented and many organizational barriers exist which impede progress

  • The building design professionals do not know how to deliver an integrated and intelligent building.

While it may be simple for the industry to organize some form of gathering to solve this problem, it was pointed out that it is first necessary to scope out the potential landscape a little better in order to understand the ultimate vision for large buildings.  It was agreed that CABA’s Intelligent Buildings Roadmap would provide some of the answers to the questions being posed and would form a good framework for discussion at this and potentially other industry events. It is in this light, that the following proposal is made for a meeting in Chicago.

Objectives of the CABA IB Industry Development Workshop:

The objective of the workshop is to share and discuss some of the key objectives for the industry from CABA’s recently completed Intelligent Buildings Roadmap and gather input for how these will be implemented.

Some of the questions that may be posed and discussed include:

In order for this meeting to achieve its objectives, it is desirable to have a broad and comprehensive range of perspectives in Chicago May 25, 2007 specifically from these segments of the IB ecosystem:

Invitation & Logistics

An open invitation is extended to all stakeholders interested in furthering the intelligent buildings sector to attend these two important meetings.  

Date: Friday May 25, 2007

CABA’s IIBC meeting - 9:00 AM and 10:15 AM
Networking Break – 10:15 AM – 10:30 AM
IB Industry Development Workshop - 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Venue: Sofitel Hotel O’Hare
Room detail: TBD (depending on confirmed numbers)
Cost:  Free (Coffee and refreshments will be provided)
Dress:   Business Casual
Preparation: Consider the objectives, and bring an open-mind
RSVP: frank@clasma.com

For more information on BuilConn and ConnectivityWeek, visit www.builconn.com and for more information on CABA go to www.caba.org and for the IIBC and Intelligent Buildings Roadmap visit: http://www.caba.org/councils/council.html.

Please pass this invitation to others that you feel will benefit from this information. Thanks go to Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc. and Ron Zimmer, CABA President & CEO, for drafting this invitation and for hosting the meeting. We look forward to seeing you in Chicago.


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