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Articles - April 2018
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Standard Semantic Tagging  is a Mainstay of the Energy Management Business - Jim Meacham, PE, Principal, Co-Founder, Altura Associates

Occupancy Analytics Innovations  Offer New Avenues for Discussions on Privacy - James McHale, Managing Director, Memoori

Sensing Solutions for the Flexible Workspace   A mandatory requirement for implementing an effective, flexible office is the ability to use occupancy analytics.  - David Rottelman, Global VP of Sales, PointGrab

Web Centric Building Management  “Open” Wins the Race to Big Data - Gordon Echlin, VP Marketing and Business Development, Triacta Power Solutions LP

Get absolute transparency, from server to MS/TP - Corey Noakes, QA Lead, Optigo Networks

OT and IT. Closing the Gap - Marc Petock, Chief Communications Officer, Vice President, Marketing Lynxspring & Connexx Energy

Hiring Elite Controls Talent  like the “Big Boys” – Part 1 - Skip Freeman, Senior Technical Recruiter, BASI Solutions, LLC

Show Report – Light+Building 2018  - George Thomas, Contemporary Controls

What is Your Haystack Tagging Story?  Contact me soon because the issue is already in development and will be published in early June 2018. - Therese Sullivan, BuildingContext Ltd, Editor, Haystack Connections

Reliable Controls Columns - April 2018

Back To BASics   Sensors and Actuators - Ira Goldschmidt, P.E., LEEDŽAP, Engineering Consultant, Goldschmidt Engineering Solutions

Securing the Edges of the IOT In cyberspace, you no longer know who your friends and enemies are. -  Toby Considine, TC9 Inc

My calls have stopped…Now what? - Manny Mandrusiak CD. Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant, Vancouver Island Works Project

Transparency and Digital Twin is the New Deal  The New Deal white paper from CABA is based on three tenets:  Open Standards, Digital Twin, Service Transparency - Ken Sinclair,

Talking Transparency & Creating a Digital Twin  As part of our never-ending transformation, we need to talk about transparency, which implies openness, communication, and accountability, operating in a way that thoughts, feelings, or motives are easily perceived, and it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. -
Ken Sinclair,

The New Deal White Paper - The New Deal white paper from CABA is based on three tenets:  Open Standards, Digital Twin, Service Transparency - Ken Sinclair,

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