August 2011

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Global Intelligent Building Automation Technologies
Systems Services and Information Technology Market Size and Forecasts (2010-2015)

The market for global intelligent building automation technologies is expected to increase from $130.46 billion in 2009 to $167.41 billion by 2015

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The market for global intelligent building automation technologies is expected to increase from $130.46 billion in 2009 to $167.41 billion by 2015, registering a CAGR of 4.34% during 2010-2015. The main forces driving the market are the ability of intelligent buildings to reduce CO2 emissions, reduce maintenance and operating costs, and enhance the life of the building and improving the safety and security of its occupants.
Intelligent building automation technologies are segmented based on systems, services, and information technology. Systems and services are further classified as facility management systems/services, life security systems/services, and physical security systems/services. Information technology is classified into computing hardware, computing software, computing and network services, and network equipments.
Amongst all the technologies discussed, energy management technologies are registering a high growth rate; followed by emergency response and light management technologies. The increasing concern for global warming and increasing energy consumption by buildings are the major factors due to which intelligent buildings are gaining traction worldwide. North America led the global intelligent building automation technologies market with a share of close to 40% in 2010; followed by EMEA region, which had a share of more than 34% in the global intelligent building automation technologies market in 2010.
Government is also playing a key role in the growth of this market; it is providing tax benefits to developers who are constructing intelligent buildings. Government also came up with various certifications and ratings systems for the buildings (discussed in geography analysis chapter).
Market players are focusing on new product development, as the competition is getting intense day by day. The number of technologies available to implement today is huge which is leaving customers as well as developers confused. However, proper education and promotion of such technologies will help in mitigating the problem and will drive the overall market for intelligent building automation technologies market.
Scope of the report
The report provides an extensive analysis of the “Intelligent Building Automation” technologies market including current market trends, industry drivers, and challenges for better understanding of the market structure. This report covers the strategies followed by key “Intelligent Building Automation” technologies market players.
Market Overview
This section discusses the market definition of “Building Automation” technologies market. It also discusses the way market is segmented and the methodology and the assumptions considered to forecast the revenues. The winning imperatives along with the burning issues in the market are also covered. Drivers, restraints, and opportunities for the “Building Automation” technologies market has also been covered in this section.
Market segmentation
This research report categorizes the global market for intelligent building technologies to forecast the revenues and analyzing the trends in each of the following submarkets:

On the basis of systems
 • Facilities management systems
• Life security systems
• Physical security systems

On the basis of services
 • Facilities management services
• Life security services
• Physical security services

On the basis of Information Technology
 • Computing hardware
• Computing software
• Networking equipment
• Computing and network services

On the basis of geography:
• North America (NA)
• Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)
• Asia Pacific including Japan (APJ)
• South America (SA)

Geographic Analysis
This section provides a brief overview of all the geographies pertaining to “Intelligent Building” technologies. It covers the trends prevailing in every geography and the regulations which are impacting the overall “Intelligent Building” technologies market in that particular geography.

Company Profiles
This section provides the company profiles of major companies participating in the “Intelligent Building” technologies market. Company profiles include a brief overview of the company, primary business, financial overview, strategies followed, and developments.
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Key questions answered
 • What are the winning imperatives, key burning issues, and opportunities present in the market?
 • What are the factors which will drive the global intelligent building automation technologies market and its various sub-segments?
 • What factors are inhibiting “Global Intelligent Building Automation” technologies market?
 • What is the market size and forecast (2010-2015) of global intelligent building automation technologies market?
 • What are the trends prevailing in each geography?
• How is the competitive outlook and who are the major players

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