August 2011

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Ken Sinclair
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August - Embracing Change

I am using embracing in its second sense to "Accept or support (a belief, theory, or change) willingly and enthusiastically".  As they say the only "constant is change" and this has never been truer than now in our industry. Our  industry has become very visible anywhere and a very large part of today's web services and smart grid. Are we Embracing the necessary changes enthusiastically and fast enough to keep control of our industry?  If we do not evolve and morph fast enough others will take our opportunities because they better understand the tools of change and not because they better understand our industry.

In this article  The Past and Future of Control Languages   I attempted to hurry the industry with a call to speed the evolution to open protocol for control languages.

A great response from Nirosha in his article, Roadmap for Control Programming Language Evolution  A roadmap towards an open control programming language is to define an open instruction set for a control device to interpret

This Interview Embraces significant change; Energy Monitoring and Management FieldServer Technologies providing Cisco EnergyWise gateways to link building automation devices and systems to Cisco EnergyWise domain. Richard Theron, National Sales Manager for FieldServer Technologies

Most of our articles/columns and interviews speak to change and how we must embrace it.

Be sure to check out The market for global intelligent building automation technologies is expected to increase from $130.46 billion in 2009 to $167.41 billion by 2015

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