August 2012

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New BASgatewayLX

Makes Modbus to BACnet Integration Easy
George Thomas
Contemporary Controls 

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Contemporary Controls’ recently released BASgatewayLX Modbus to BACnet Gateway has quickly become attractive to systems integrators because of its ease-of-use and the availability of several pre-defined energy meter device profiles for Veris, Northern Design and Continental Control Systems products.

Adding Modbus devices to a BACnet system is no longer drudgery. Once the device profile is loaded, simply click off a check box and that Modbus point is added to the poll list. If Contemporary Controls does not already have the profile for your device, it will be developed for you. Device profiles also exist for boilers and drives.

A key feature of the BASGatewayLX is Virtual BACnet Routing in which each connected Modbus device is seen as its own BACnet device. If you have multiple Modbus devices of the same type the BASgatewayLX will create a series of identical virtual BACnet devices, one for each connected Modbus device. The only difference will be the device instance and MAC address. This will save time as you can copy and paste these BACnet devices in your building controller.

Screen 1

Screen 1: In this screen three identical Veris Modbus meters each appear as separate BACnet devices thanks to virtual routing. Notice that the BASgatewayLX also consumes a BACnet device instance.


Screen 2: This is a typical Veris Modbus device profile that has been "added" in the BASgatewayLX.  By clicking a checkbox, the associated Modbus point will be included in the poll list.

contemporary Modbus devices can be added, modified, copied or deleted using web page configuration. New device profiles can be downloaded from the Contemporary Controls’ web site to the systems integrator’s PC and then uploaded to the BASgatewayLX. The status of Modbus points can be viewed using a web browser. Up to 30 Modbus devices for a total of 1,000 Modbus points can be accommodated with one BASgatewayLX.

“Our customers are using the BASgatewayLX in several different applications,” said Joe Stasiek, Sales Manager at Contemporary Controls. “Virtual routing is a popular application, but so is Modbus TCP servers and Modbus RTU slaves sharing the same virtual network – with TCP devices connected over Ethernet and RTU devices connect to a serial port.”

To help systems integrators understand the flexibility of the product, the data sheet includes tips on using the product along with several application examples. Several training videos also are being produced.

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