August 2015

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Every month there is a blizzard of information contained in the emails and newsletters that cross my desk on their way to Some of this information is not in the form of any type of content we can publish but I feel I should share with you these snippets, blog bits, and url links that are about to fall off my desktop.

In 2015, millennials will become the largest generation in the U.S. workforce. Since the majority of these millennials are technologically adept, their expectations of when, where and how we work are driving thinking on future office space development. How will we accommodate the most connected generation ever?

The Thread Group has announced the release of Thread, the new IP-based wireless networking protocol designed for low-power connected products in the home. Starting now, product developers who are members of the Thread Group can access Thread technical specifications and documentation to build Thread-compliant products.

Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting systems are evolving from being simply an energy-efficient source of light to becoming a sophisticated network of sensors and software capable of capturing, transmitting, and analyzing vast amounts of data about the movements and even the habits of people. It amounts to a fundamental rethinking of lighting.

Divide controls strategies into three levels. The bottom tier involves operating and sequencing equipment to get optimum productivity from building systems, says Paul Ehrlich, president of Building Intelligence Group LLC. The center tier involves integrating building systems, so they can use information from each other. “For example, the lighting system is shutting down so the variable air volume can be turned off,” he says.“The highest tier involves analytics, fault detection, and better analysis of data that is optimized at the high end to achieve a high performance building,” Ehrlich says. At that third tier, smart technologies are used to maximize performance.

How will employees interact with their places of work in 25 years from now? The Smart Workplace 2040 anticipates important changes to our working environment and has far reaching consequences for organizations, Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) and Facilities Management (FM) functions.

ASHRAE Facilities Smart Grid Information Model (FSGIM), and why it's a standards-based foundation for all buildings

The CIFE mission is to be the world's premier academic research center for Virtual Design and Construction of Architecture - Engineering - Construction (AEC) industry projects ... to support exceptionally reliable engineering and management practices to plan, design, construct and operate sustainable facilities.

Creating value at the intersection of energy management, real estate, finance, operations, sustainability, and professional selling. We can meet your training needs, from a single keynote address to a full calendar of educational offerings.

@ThingsExpo Silicon Valley November 3-5 in Santa Clara! The Internet of Things (IoT) is the most profound change in personal and enterprise IT since the creation of the Worldwide Web more than 20 years ago.  All major researchers estimate there will be tens of billions devices--computers, smartphones, tablets, and sensors--connected to the Internet by 2020. This number will continue to grow at a rapid pace for the next several decades.

Cisco's IoT System addresses the need to connect billions of devices.  IoT System and fog computing are Cisco's answers to connecting the Internet of Things. Get details about the six pillars that make up this architecture.

Contemporary Controls has authored a white paper that promotes Sedona Framework as the best hope for creating a truly open controller based upon readily available technology and a Sedona community of developers and integrators.

The Cicret bracelet is said to contain a small Pico projector that casts a screen or user interface onto the wearer’s forearm. The wearer can then use the image touch screen, as shown in this video.

GreenPeak White Paper  The Power of ZigBee 3.0 – All about the new and improved ZigBee 3.0  And what Smart Home and IoT devices development decision makers need to know By Cees Links, GreenPeak Technologies  As the IoT market accelerates and becomes more of a reality, the hype surrounding it becomes more intense and more confusing. It is time for a reality check to take inventory of where things really stand, and to make some assessment of where things are going. Some confusion has been cleared, some confusion has exacerbated. This is what decision makers need to know...

Overview of ThinkHub's key features:
Canvas: more than your average smartboard, ThinkHub’s Canvas expands to over 20x the surface area of the physical touchscreen, with the ability to write directly on the Canvas
Dynamic Menu: tap and hold anywhere to unlock user tools; operate multiple menus at once
Unlimited device sharing: MOD (mirror own device) mode enables wireless device sharing with the Canvas, with the ability to annotate and manipulate shared device screen content (no additional hardware required)
Notes, Sketches, Web Browsers: open multiple windows at once for quick notes and references
MediaPlay: drag and drop media files (images, videos, PDFs, PPTs, etc…) to view, annotate, pinch and zoom; content can be uploaded via USB, shared via MOD Mode, or accessed via Web Browser or network folders

The combination of energy analytics + FDD is how you — building owners, energy managers, energy consultants, facilities managers, portfolio managers — win. It’s how you transform all those metrics into management. It’s how you drill down to the root problems causing failures and energy wastages — and fix them. It’s how you save time, energy costs and labour costs. It’s how you make changes, preserve your commissioning, and evolve your building.

SES was recently recognized in the B Corp community as being in the top 10% of all B Corporations in the world, in terms of the benefits we offer as well as how we treat our workers. Very proud that we are building a company that is equitable and flexible for our staff, and want you to know that peers like Hootsuite, and other innovative companies are telling us that we rock.  In particular, our stress reporting, flexible working opportunities, staff choices around charitable giving and EarthWork Day activities were commended by people at the presentation.

The next generation JACE is easier to install than ever. Jonathan Rodriguez reviews some of the improvements.

New York’s electric utilities and leading technology companies are working together to develop entirely new business models that enable greater adoption of the new clean energy solutions that customers want. The REV demonstration projects highlight how New York’s utilities are partnering with technology

Show Me the [Efficiency] Money
Five real estate executives weigh in on what it will take to unlock $1.4 trillion in net energy savings through commercial building efficiency.

The New Buildings Institute (NBI) is providing a free tool to help building owners quickly evaluate the potential energy savings associated with existing retrofit strategies.

J2 Innovations made history at our industry's most prestigious event - Realcomm/IBcom. We won two out of three awards in the BEST INTELLIGENT BUILDING TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION

BetterBricks is the commercial building program of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA)-- a resource for building owners, developers, property managers, designers, architects, design engineers, engineers, operators, and tenants.  BetterBricks provides resources and support for designing, renting, managing, and operating commercial buildings in energy efficient and cost effective ways.  BetterBricks, in partnership with Northwest utilities, aims to accelerate the adoption of energy efficiency best practices among building professionals.

Network Communications for Buildings  If you have not yet, make sure to download your FREE copy of Network Communications for Buildings @

Belimo Highlights: National Conference on Building Commissioning



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