February 2014
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Articles - February 2014
Our authors provide insight into our rapidly evolving industry. 
 Please take the time to read their valuable articles.

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Mobile Network Operators (MNO) & Building Automation  Are Mobile Operators Eyeing Building Automation as their next M2M Vertical - You Can Bet on It! - Therese Sullivan, Principal, www.buildingcontext.me

Lighting Up LEDs  “Out with the Romex Wire: In with Category 6 Cable” - Jim Sinopoli PE, LEED BD+C, RCCD, Managing Principal, Smart Buildings LLC

Why 2014 Is A Good Time to be in the Lighting Controls Business  Network based lighting controls have failed to gain much traction over the last five years despite the benefits that they can deliver for improving operating costs and reducing CO2 emissions. - Allan McHale, Director, Memoori

A Cloud Data Collection Platform for All  Some people just want the burger, without the fries and fancy toy. - Rav Panchalingam, Director of Research & Development, Bitpool

The Truth Behind Building Automation  Deciphering Fact from Fiction - Zach Denning, Engineering Sales, Western Allied Mechanical

Adoptive vs Disruptive  Bridging the Digital Divide of Building Data - Ben H. Dorsey III, Sr. VP of Marketing, LEED Green Associate, KMC Controls

OEM vs. Third Party Service  What the Owner needs to look out for and careful considerations for their benefit. - Todd A. Finnegan, President, ACS Services, LLC

Who’s Scared of an Audit? What you should know about your next energy audit. - Zach Denning, Engineering Sales, Western Allied Mechanical

The Global Fast Food Story  “Savings beyond Energy Efficiency” - Ben Carter, VAE Group

Integrated Automation Systems Improve Building Automation  How including advanced embedded HMI into BAS increases energy efficiency while improving worker productivity and safety. - Marcia Gadbois, Vice President of InduSoft, Invensys

Columns - February 2014

OBIX, Smart TVs, and the Commercial Building  OBIX is a generic web service interface for control systems. - Toby Considine, TC9 Inc

Final Collection of Short Stories  The last batch - Steven R. Calabrese, Control Engineering Corp.

Maximize your AHR Leads  Maximize the potential of your leads with a personalized touch. - Manny Mandrusiak, Managing Creative Consultant, 4 Bravo Marketing

Chiller Plant Control  The key to chiller plant optimization is to remember that the meter is on the plant, not the chiller. - Paul Ehrlich, Ira Goldschmidt & Angela Lewis, Building Intelligence Group

The Power of Concurrency and Collaboration in the Cloud  The strength of this approach is that these concurrent paths keep evolving and becoming stronger increasing our collaborated strengths. - Ken Sinclair, AutomatedBuildings.com

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