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AHR Expo 2002 - Atlantic CityArticles - January/February 2002 
AHR Expo Issue

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Industry  Trends

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Information Model: The Key to Integration  There has been much attention paid to the relative merits of various protocols in the Building Automation industry. The key to successful integration lies not in the protocol, but in the information model that it represents.  Eric Craton and Dave Robin, Automated Logic

Standardization & IT Technology will shape the BACS Industry  The application of a standardized and internationally accepted protocol for specific applications is still no guarantee that a device by manufacturer A can be exchanged for one supplied by manufacturer B. For this purpose, further standardization of design and of the exact functionality of a device is necessary. Hans R. Kranz & Othmar Gisler, Siemens Building Technologies Ltd

Trends in Intelligent Buildings in the Asia Pacific  In the Asia Pacific, the notion of an Intelligent Building is becoming inextricably linked to the broader idea of the Intelligent City.  Hari Gunasingham, Eutech Cybernetics Pte Ltd

Terrorism and Building Automation Systems - What Makes Sense? There is little from science in this article, but a lot from common sense. It appears to me that common sense is exactly what we need during times like these. Len Damiano, Ebtron, Inc

Expanding Horizons for System Integration  As evidenced, it is now possible to Internet-enable everything from electric meters to data loggers, and expand System Integration to new horizons.  John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, Energy Control Inc..

[an error occurred while processing this directive]LonWorks Web Servers  There are now a number of LonWorks Web Servers available in the market place today. We take a look at how this technology is rapidly replacing the traditional GUI software typically installed on desktop PC's to manage a building or facility and what to look for when selecting a LonWorks Web Server.  Gary Bark, Plexus Technology Ltd 

Building Automation Globalization  Access to global media is everywhere proven by the fact that I am preparing this month's column in Australia. Ken Sinclair,


Thermistors versus RTDs The challenge in comparing these two sensors is that thermistors are generally specified using accuracy and RTDs are generally specified using tolerance. Steve Allison, BAPI 

Selecting HVAC Control Valves  Ball vs Globe - White Paper, Jeff Dahnke, Siemens Building Technologies Inc

Free Show Sponsored Sessions on Building Automation  AHR Expo Atlantic City January 14-16, 2002 Ken Sinclair

Marketing and Business

Successful Contracting: BAS Cost Estimating Issues  It is to the owners' benefit when all contractors are able to achieve their planned profit levels, since in the absence of contractor success, conditions and cooperation can quickly deteriorate. Al De Wachter, Independent Control Specialists Inc

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