January 2006
AHR Expo 2006

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AHR Expo 2006 Chicago Preview

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Exhibitors at the Building Automation Showcase - AHR Expo 
Action Talking Products LLC Booth 3957
Advanced Control Technologies, Inc. Booth 3647
Advantech Corporation Booth 3528
Air Products and Controls Inc. Booth 3527
AirTest Technologies Inc. Booth 3850
American Auto-Matrix, LLC Booth 3735
ANCHER Technology Inc. Booth 3943
Auto Tran Incorporated Booth 3627
Automation Components, Inc. Booth 3744
BACnet Manufacturers Association - BACnet International Booth 3532
Bray Controls Booth 3939
Building Automation Products, Inc. Booth 3832
Buildings Magazine Booth 3757
Chardon Laboratories, Inc. Booth 3529
Chemtrol Division, Santa Barbara Control Systems Booth 3730
Connect-Air International, Inc. Booth 3830
Contemporary Controls Booth 3839
Control Products, Inc. Booth 3649
Control Resources, Inc. Booth 3852
Control Solutions, Inc. Booth 3855
Corporate Information Technology Services Booth 3544
Critical Environment Technologies Booth 3856
Degree Controls, Inc. Booth 3630
Delta Controls Inc. Booth 3436
Distech Controls, Inc. Booth 3549
Dodge Engineering & Controls, Inc. Booth 3739
Ductmate Industries, Inc. Booth 3932
E + E Elektronik Ges. m.b.H. Booth 3841
Eagle Technology, Inc. Booth 3853
EBTRON, Inc. Booth 3750
Efficiency Technologies, Inc. Booth 3828
Elodrive USA, Inc. Booth 3844
EMCO Flow Systems Booth 3640
FieldServer Technologies Booth 3927
Flow Control Industries, Inc. Booth 3729
Full Gauge Controls, Ltd. Booth 3741
Functional Devices, Inc. Booth 3823
General Electric Company Booth 3423
Genesis International, Inc. Booth 3952
Global Refrigeration Products Pty. Ltd. Booth 3930
Greystone Energy Systems, Inc. Booth 3959
Gridlogix Booth 3629
Hays Fluid Controls Booth 3443
Heat-Timer Corporation Booth 3732
Hoffman Controls Corp. Booth 3836
Independent Controls Specialists Inc. (ICS) Booth 3538
Innovative Sensor Technology Booth 3623
INTEC Controls, Inc. Booth 3759
Jackson Systems, LLC Booth 3546
Johnson Controls, Inc. Booth 3459
JUMO Process Control, Inc. Booth 3727
King I Electronics Co., Ltd. Booth 3639
Kiyon, Inc. Booth 3829
KMC Controls Booth 3535
KZCO, Inc. Booth 3642
LonMark Americas (LMA) Booth 3749
Loytec Americas Booth 3568
Lynxspring Booth 3565
MAMAC Systems, Inc. Booth 3550
Melink Corporation Booth 3746
Minco Products, Inc. Booth 3632
OI Analytical Booth Booth 3752
Onicon, Incorporated Booth 3523
OSC - Intellimeter Booth 3854
Precision Air Technology, Inc. Booth 3641
Pro-Temp Controls, Inc. Booth 3956
PSG Controls, Inc. Booth 3936
PureChoice, Inc. Booth 3455
Quatrosense Environmental Ltd. Booth 3646
Quest Controls, Inc. Booth 3756
Reliable Controls¨ Corporation Booth 3935

Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence, Inc  Booth 3661
Rockwell Automation Booth 3723
Rotronic Instrument Corp. Booth 3753
S. Y. Hitech Co., Ltd. Booth 3645
SenseAir AB Booth 3755
Senstronics Booth 3955
Setra Systems, Inc. Booth 3846
Siemens Building Technologies Inc., HVAC Products Booth 3449
Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. Booth 3446
Smart Controls, LLC Booth 3827
Southeast Industries, Inc. (Seco) Booth 3625
Spartan Peripheral Devices Booth 3736
System Sensor Booth 3946
Tasseron Sensors Inc. Booth 3944
TCS/Basys Controls Booth 3638
Tekmar Control Systems Ltd. Booth 3923
TransERA Electronics Inc. Booth 3941
Trs Systems, Inc. Booth 3644
Valley Tool & Design, Inc. Booth 3953
Varidigm Corporation Booth 3725
Veris Industries Booth 3636
Viconics Electronics, Inc. Booth 3859
Watt Stopper / Legrand Booth 3950
Winland Electronics, Inc. Booth 3539
Yaskawa Electric America, Inc. Booth 3949
ZigBee Alliance Booth 3754

Tridium  Booth 1733
Vaisala, Inc Booth 4056

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