January 2006
AHR Expo 2006

BTL Mark: Resolve interoperability issues & increase buyer confidence
BACnet Testing Laboratories

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AHR Expo 2006 Chicago Preview

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AHR Product Previews - Updated January 20th

ONICON Booth 3523 System-10 BTU Meter
Tridium Booth 1733 Industry-Leading Independent Software Platform

Kiyon Booth 3829 Wireless BACnet Router, winner AHR Expo 2006 Innovation Award. See Interview
Loytec Americas Booth 3568  Six new EIA-852 and EIA-709.1 Products See Interview
American Auto-Matrix Booth 3735  Next generation of Smart Building Solutions®
Lynxspring Booth 3565  Launches JENEsys TCP/IP Internet Controller See Interview
Reliable Controls Booth 3935 - New Offerings meet the MACH-Stat™
Setra Systems Inc Booth 3846  Model 269 Very Low Differential Pressure Transducer
Kavlico Booth 4036  P992 and P993 Low Range Differential Pressure Sensors

Exhibitors at the Building Automation Showcase - AHR Expo 


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