January 2018

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Marc PetockEMAIL INTERVIEWMarc Petock and Ken Sinclair

Marc Petock, Chief Communications Officer, Vice President, Marketing
Lynxspring & Connexx Energy

Contributing Editor

A Conversation with Lynxspring’s Marc Petock on AHR Expo 2018

2018 will be exciting for sure. After years of being over-shadowed, building technology is in the spotlight.

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SinclairWell it's that time again, the industry is getting ready for the 2018 AHR Expo. Will Lynxspring be going this year?

Petock:  Yes, we are. This will be our 11th year exhibiting. We will be at Booth # 4149 in the Building Automation and Control Showcase.

SinclairWhat will you be showing?

Petock:  In keeping with our Edge-to-Enterprise initiatives, we will demo new enhancements to our portfolio of JENEsys Edge IoT Controllers for the Niagara Framework®, including Niagara AX and Niagara 4, and our series of Controllers, Data Pumps and Cellular Routers. These products, based on Lynxspring’s Onyxx® hardware platform, deliver new edge connectivity, interoperability, data access and analytics for today's buildings, energy management, machine-to-machine applications in IoT environments.

On the “what’s new” front, we will be showcasing several new product offerings scheduled to come out in 2018 including:

Onyxx® SkySpark® Edge Analytics, a stand-alone, SkySpark® Everywhere™ embedded device that puts SkySpark Analytics at the edge and allows users to analyze important data at the edge and gather real-time intelligence. It enables data from BACnet & and Modbus to connect locally with SkyFoundry SkySpark to add data and analytics value at the device level.

Onyxx® 34IO-B A BACnet IO Expansion Module designed for JENEsys Edge Controllers, JENEsys PC8000 Controllers and any JACE® 8000 Controllers.

SinclairI see Lynxspring is a finalist in several categories in this year’s Control Trend awards.

Petock:  Yes, we are delighted to have received 11 nominations for our company, technology, solutions, and people. We are looking forward to attending this year’s gala Sunday evening. 

SinclairYou will be joining me and several participants in an education session and open discussion           (Tue. January 23| 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM | S103A) on “Creating Value from Our New-Found Edge Data and Bring It Back to the Hive to Discover New Ways of Providing Comfort, Health, and Satisfaction in Our Buildings."  Is there anything you want to share prior to our session?

Reliable Controls Petock:  Today’s value propositions for smart buildings are very different from that of a decade ago thanks to the pace of technology innovation and the changing needs of building owners and operators. The relationship we have with buildings has changed forever. IoT is presenting new opportunities for creating, operating and servicing our facilities and is leading the way for new business value delivery. We are experiencing increases in applications, the flattening of the architecture, more inter-connected equipment and devices connected directly to IP networks and more robust analytics. We are undergoing a move toward connected intelligence that is allowing us to redistribute and process data independently at both the device level and within the Cloud.

SinclairWhile we are talking, what about 2018?

Petock:  2018 will be exciting for sure. After years of being over-shadowed, building technology is in the spotlight. Commercial building owners are feeling the pressure to invest in intelligent building technologies that provide better insight into operations and equipment as well as access to real-time data for productivity, comfort, convenience, and sustainability. We are at a tipping point as more owners and operators are starting to recognize that smart buildings are not a fad, but a powerful tool to both gauge and meet occupant demands and increase value.  The edge is here, and it’s is here now. Connectivity, Control, Data Access, Analytics are now being done at the edge. IoT remains an opportunity; we're still just getting started on the IoT journey; however, if we continue to define IoT by the number of devices instead of delivering outcomes, we will be held back.


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