June 2012

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Every month there is a blizzard of information contained in the emails and newsletters that cross my desk on their way to AutomatedBuildings.com. Some of this information is not in the form of any type of content we can publish but I feel I should share with you these snippets, blog bits, and url links that are about to fall off my desktop.

Leap represents an entirely new way to interact with your computers. It's more accurate than a mouse, as reliable as a keyboard and more sensitive than a touchscreen. For the first time, you can control a computer in three dimensions with your natural hand and finger movements.

LegoŽ for Life  Ninja Blocks connect your things.  They are simple but powerful little computers. Plug in sensors to monitor things like temperature, motion, light. Plug in actuators to make stuff happen, like turning devices on or taking pictures.

The Cloud in 4 minutes Greetings Ken; There’s been a lot of talk lately about The Cloud, however much confusion remains as to what a Cloud solution is, what it really does, and how it relates to physical security. At Brivo, we’ve put together a short, entertaining video that goes a long way to explaining what a genuine Cloud solution looks like and the advantages an end user can expect.

Improve Your Facility Management with COBie and BIM Today, the most important tools in a facility manager's tool belt aren't things you can buy at the hardware store. Instead, smart facility managers rely on software "tools" that can be utilized in the design, build, operation, and maintenance of their facilities to help reduce cost, improve performance, and optimize asset life cycle management.  COBie, officially known as Construction Operations Building information exchange, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) are two software tools that help turn raw facility/asset data into valuable decision-making information.

FieldAware has compiled a comprehensive directory of mobile apps that service techs can use on their mobile devices to enhance their productivity. Named the “Digital Tool Belt”, the directory lists and links to more than 100 mobile apps offered by a variety of suppliers in the field service industry.

Realcomm and the inaugural IBcon provide our industry with a unique gathering place to discuss and debate the latest technologies, trends and best practices with other visionary leaders and experts in the industry. We can personally attest to the fact that you will bring back to your organization valuable new ideas and information after attending.

Copy your organisation’s entire internal application environment for development purposes in just ten minutes, and you could do whatever you liked with it, what sort of new systems and processes would you build?  That’s the question which ING Direct’s team of software developers are now facing, after the bank successfully (with the assistance of Microsoft, Cisco, NetApp and Dimension Data) implemented a private cloud solution to virtualise its entire banking platform. Combined with automated deployment tools, what this means is that the bank is literally able to provision a new copy of itself — a so-called ‘bank in a box’ — within minutes.

contemporary With dozens of important new features released over the last few months we thought it would be helpful to devote this issue of the Insider to exploring how these features deliver value to SkySpark users. For regular readers of the Insider this is a great chance to catch up on the significant set of new features we’ve added to SkySpark in recent releases.
The latest issue of the Insider can be found here: http://www.skyfoundry.com/file/41/SkyFoundry-Insider-2012-05.pdf

Lucernic Technology launches touch panel switch N3500 in March 9, 2012.
It is an innovation of graphic user interface (GUI).
1. User-friendly interface
2. Control up to 256 devices
3. Adjustability of the touch point location
4. Innovation for graphic user interface (GUI)
5. Lower cost of installation
6. Lower maintenance cost
7. Comprehensive application

Detail specifications: http://www.lucernic.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/SPEC_N3500.htm

Commissioning, De-Commissioning, Retro-Commissioning, Continuous Commissioning...a lot of commissioning is going on. The bottom line is that the performance of our building systems drifts over a period of time and despite great technologies, they never seem to fully deliver on the promise of efficient operations. Is it the systems, our people or our processes? So the question is: "How can we discern what a building is capable of and how can it be optimized?" This session will provide a lively debate on the topic of commissioning intelligent systems.

Watch the Webinar On-Demand  Workplace Strategy Webinar now Available On-Demand  As you learned, rapidly evolving technology, tightening budgets, and greater expectations are forcing forward-thinking leaders to seek new and game-changing alternatives that are dramatically effecting the workplace.


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