June 2013

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Ken Sinclair

Comments by Ken Sinclair
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June theme; Data Models Alter Industry Dynamics

Just returned from a first ever very successful Haystack Connect event in Chattanooga.  What I learned is it is not just the naming of data but a consistent data model that allows us to free our data to a world of dynamic dimensions for our own purposes. No longer must data be predefined before use if an accurate self-discoverable model is present. This new way of viewing data allows us a new world in which data can be used in several different ways as a dynamic subset of many scenarios.

So from every successful event there needs to be a takeaway that changes our point of view.  For me it was captured when a couple of hayseeds took the stage and planted the seeds of change and showed us all how a connected Haystack using data modeling could alter industry dynamics as we know them.  A great production with an amazing cast in this historical and mildly hysterical production…….smile.

A link to this video plus several other presentations from this event are included in my review of event Something Happening Here.

In Marc's review of the event he states; It’s also important to note that Haystack doesn’t have to be embedded in an end device for it to be useful. For example, one of the demonstrations presented at the Haystack Connect event showed products from six different suppliers being integrated with a software application that was able to discover the data in controllers and automatically build a database that a user could navigate even including automatically assembling graphic displays of the equipment (an air handler and VAVs).

In George Thomas's review and interview of the event he states;  Linux is especially useful in IP routing applications where much of the routing technology is freely available to use without royalties.  Being part of the Linux community allows us to seek help on issues and to help others solve issues.  The Linux community is large and willing to help and many processor manufacturers support Linux.

Yet another connection community I was not aware of, how about you?

As always this new issue is full of great articles, columns and interviews most of which discuss the important place data now has in our industry.

Of course as always the steady stream of news and new products depicts our rapidly evolution and journey. Thank you industry for your ongoing support of our efforts.

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Editorial from May 2013

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