June 2014


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Eugene Mazo

EMAIL INTERVIEWEugene Mazo and Ken Sinclair

Eugene Mazo, CEO, DGLogik Inc.

The Latest DGLogik’s Technology

New IoT Software Solution rebuilt from the ground up in HTML5
+ our team developed a modern “plug and play” wizard

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SinclairWill you recap the latest of DGLogik’s technology and what you showcased at Niagara Summit?

Mazo:  Sure Ken. We showcased two things. The biggest was our new, IoT Software Solution - DGLux5. It is our renowned visualization platform (DGLux) rebuilt from the ground up in HTML5 making it the modern-day cross-platform solution not requiring any browser plugins or mobile apps. DGLux5 provides an advanced visual web application development environment with enhanced workflows and powerful new features that you just don’t see available from other HTML5 editors.

The other showcase was Project Assist for DGLux. Our professional services team used DGLux itself to create a modern “plug and play” wizard which allows users to create a standard interactive interface for building systems in less than an hour. Project Assist guides the user through a few steps to configure the overall style, create floorplans with zone outlines, create detailed equipment pages and link everything to live data.

SinclairHow does DGLux5 make a great impact within the building automation industry?

Mazo:  We believe that DGLux5 is revolutionary in the sense that it is built on the latest cross-platform technology available today (HTML5) and will change the way visual interfaces for building systems are created and accessed. Having focused a significant amount of time on optimization DGLux5 performance is unrivaled in terms of loading speeds and interaction capability across all kinds of devices. Two years ago we talked about how BAS Mobility will revolutionize the way building managers operate and conserve... back then, mobile apps were required to access the important information. Today, DGLux5 users just need to simply click a URL link to access their interfaces on any mobile device enabling them to be more efficient in managing their buildings. We find that mobility, today, is an expectation for the user rather than an afterthought and are happy to be the first provider of a technology fully supporting this usecase.

DGLux5 built in HTML5, has allowed us to provide an ultrafast user experience, an all responsive scaling environment, smarter design structure, more intelligent logic sequencing, and ideal interconnectivity among data providers. There really isn’t anything else on the market that is as advanced and flexible as DGLux5. It is extremely powerful!

SinclairDoes installation and workflow greatly differ from DGLux2?

Mazo:  A little bit. Naturally, there will be a little bit of a learning curve but it results to greater efficiency in design and development time. With the release of DGLux5, we are building a community of users and an open forum for people to ask questions and get answers regarding features and workflows. Our goal is to decrease the learning curve for all users regardless of whether or not they have used DGLux2. Additionaly, I’m not sure if you heard, but we have been providing Live, complimentary workshops every Friday. We record them and post them on social media and they are always available through our website for our users.

SinclairCan you tell me a little bit about the improved workflows?

Mazo:  Yes. I’ll go over a few of the many. Let’s start with Smart Design -- DGLux5 has a true HTML5 Editor with enhanced design tools. First, we are able to convert objects to symbols. This enables and ensures for easy widgetizing and provides rapid customizations on your graphical components throughout your entire project. For example, let’s say you need to change a color on your gauge and this same gauge happens to be used throughout your project. You simply change the color of one of the gauges and it updates every single one.

Another significant enhancement, is a visual block programming environment that we call Dataflow, this allows a much more efficient workflow in creating interface logic and interaction without ever having to write a single line of code.

I highly recommend visiting our website to read more on DGLux5 - http://dglogik.com/dglux/features/NewDGLux5

[an error occurred while processing this directive]SinclairDGLogik seems to be making some big advancements! I see that you were selected into Cisco EIR program, as well. What is that all about?

Mazo:  Yes, we are extremely excited to be a part of this innovation program! Through this program, Cisco is providing us with the opportunity to work with internal and external engineering and business experts. It is great validation for us to have a company like Cisco identify us as a leading technology company and publicly support our cause. Our relationship with Cisco will accelerate and expand our ability to provide innovative solutions that enable, manage and visualize the Internet of Everything in multiple sectors on a global scale.

SinclairWell, as always, it has been a pleasure, Eugene. I look forward to seeing DGLux5 in action and look forward to seeing you guys at IBCon!

Mazo:  We hope to see you there, Ken!


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