March 2006

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BACnet Service Tool

  Ken Sinclair

When I was in Chicago in the BACnet International booth Jon Williamson showed me how he could wirelessly discover all the BACnet points in the booth on his hand held computer. A very impressive demonstration.  The thought that crossed my mind at this point was that the true power of the BACnet international community is the sum of its parts, and product development is now a community affair. This was a big leap in my understanding of the true power of The New Face of BACnet

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Andover Continuum RoamIO2 BACnet Service Tool Product Description

The RoamIO2 Service Tool is a compact hardware adapter with software applications, which allow you to quickly connect to any Andover Continuum system using a Pocket PC or laptop. Designed to clip onto a technicianís belt, this tool gives you the freedom of mobility through a local connection to a field bus or Ethernet network. The RoamIO2 Service Tool comes with software to run the adapter as a BACnet Service Tool on either a Windows Pocket PC or laptop. The BACnet Service Tool not only discovers and edits Andover Continuum BACnet controllers, but it also works with BACnet devices from third-parties.

Auto-Discover BACnet Devices
Discover every Andover Continuum and third-party BACnet device on the network with a single click of a button. The explorer-like tree provides a great visualization of the entire BACnet system. Choose between different views to display the network as you like it. RoamIO2 makes third-party integration with BACnet simple.

View and Edit Points
Expanding the controller reveals the objects within the device. Switching to the details view displays all of the BACnet properties and Andover Continuum attributes of the selected object allowing you to edit writable values to enable/disable, change values, set descriptions, and so on.

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