March 2011

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Robert WallaceEMAIL INTERVIEW - Bob Wallace & Ken Sinclair

Robert Wallace, CEO, Building Clouds, LLC

Bob began his technical building automation career with JCI 1980. From mini-computers to “wash tub” size hard drives to the first PC Bob was “sold” on automation technology.  Thirty one years later after beginning his career with JCI, starting and running a controls department for a nation wide mechanical contracting company for four years and then starting and running a successful building automation system integration company for over eighteen years it was time to look at developing or purchasing a software building automation product.  Bob and his partner founded Building Clouds and with the successful asset purchase of the IPR and IT of the software previously know as Plexus Altitude the Building Clouds team, now including the core developers of Altitude, went to work correcting and enhancing the product with a new look, solid core, new services and a new name. Opendiem, a new day!

Now Building Clouds offers a full featured web based, cost effective OPEN-MULTI-VENDOR-SYSTEM connectivity solution for all markets. Simple – Powerful –Connectable.

Building Clouds?
Building Cloud's ownership is made up of industry professionals who have been involved in systems integration, building automation and facilities management for over 75 years.

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SinclairNow Plexus Altitude is known as Opendiem. How did that transition take place?

Wallace:  In September of 2010 we received word of an asset sale of the IPR and IT of the Altitude Software Suite. We realized the power of this robust open protocol platform and formed Building Clouds as a software development and licensing company to acquire and further develop the software's integration and energy savings capability for building management.

SinclairWho is Building Clouds?

Wallace:  Building Cloud's ownership is made up of industry professionals who have been involved in systems integration, building automation and facilities management for over 75 years. Robert Wallace and Rick Costanza are joined by Dennis Esmonde-White and Franck Terray, previous Altitude software engineers and together they are currently developing the next generation of Building Clouds software. This strong ownership team will continue to refine and enhance the Opendiem suite of products and chart its and other products future direction.

SinclairWill Building Clouds support Altitude and or Pilot?

Wallace:  Opendiem is designed to be easily and affordably upgraded from Altitude V3.x and V4.x thus ending the need to support or further develop these products. All existing file and project formats are compatible with Opendiem.

SinclairWhat types of enhancements have been made to Altitude in the new Opendiem offering?

Wallace:  We had worked with Altitude as systems integrators since 2002. We realized what we liked and what we wanted to improve in the software and since the acquisition have spent thousands of man-hours on fixes, enhancements and additional developments.

SinclairWhat type of developments?

Wallace:  While the enhancements to the core engine and core drivers are many readably visible enhancements are some of the new Services (drivers) and Web Service extensions.

SinclairWhat do you see as the future for Opendiem?

Wallace:  The building automation market will grow substantially over the years as the need to bring older buildings up to new standards increases. Add to that the need to reduce energy consumption as utility prices increase and you have the need for a truly open integration tool such as Opendiem. Because Opendiem incorporates connectivity for traditional building system protocols that allows Opendiem to connect not only at the field device level but allows Opendiem to become the integrator of the existing automation systems as well as advanced lighting, security systems and digital signage.

Sinclair How does one find out more about Opendiem?

Wallace:  Interested parties can go to They can download the latest installer package. Contact us at and we'll give you a serial number and a temporary demo license.


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