March 2011

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March 2011
Building Clouds? 
Building Cloud's ownership is made up of industry professionals who have been involved in systems integration, building automation and facilities management for over 75 years. - Bob Wallace, Building Clouds

Open Interoperable Lighting Controls  We strongly believe that by utilizing open and interoperable industry standards, the lighting controls industry can overcome the key issues that have kept large-scale solutions from being widely adopted. - Danny Yu, CEO, Daintree Networks

"Grid Aware" Buildings   Building Automation has rapidly morphed into becoming the pervasive technology following the rapid changes that have occurred in information dissemination. - Marco Pritoni, UC Davis

Integrating facilities management for efficient building operation
  In today’s environment, facility managers are faced with several significant challenges as they struggle to manage the needs of their organization. -  John Bishop, Industry Leader, Facilities Management Solutions, Invensys Operations Management

February 2011

The Building System Interface  Space is what the building systems support, space is what the tenants recognize, space is where building systems deliver service. To interact with those services, we need building services interfaces (BSI). - Toby Considine, TC9 Inc

January 2011

Integrated Lighting Control Steps to Success  Blue Ridge White Paper Reveals Opportunity for BAS Control Contractors - Ron Poskevich and Steve Pachal, Blue Ridge Technologies

2011 North American Intelligent Building Roadmap The Roadmap research project was designed to outline long-term opportunities in the intelligent building industry.  -  Ron Zimmer, President & CEO CABA

IT Forecast 2011: SYSPRO's Benadretti Looks to the World of Business Computing in 2011 and Beyond - Joey Benadretti, President, SYSPRO USA

Control Solutions, Inc December 2010

“Finding What Matters” in the sea of data   The new frontier is “how do we derive value from all of this data”. That is what we focus on at SkyFoundry – automating the analysis of data to find what is important. - John Petze, SkyFactory

November 2010

The OpenADR Alliance  We believe OpenADR will lower the cost, improve the reliability and accelerate the implementation of Auto-DR and Smart Grid worldwide. -
Barry Hasser, Managing Director, OpenADR Alliance

Energy Star  Obtaining ENERGY STAR certification has been shown to translate into a three percent premium in rental value and a sixteen percent increase in sale price for commercial buildings. - Brian Dawson, Chairman and CEO of Calico Energy


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