May 2011

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Ken Sinclair
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May .. ........California Cloud Connections

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Our monthly theme reflects the general gist of our dynamic monthly content.  May started with Anto asking me to help with a track for his BuilConn portion of ConnectivityWeek in Santa Clara, California. The subject matter was near to  me  Buildings Data in the Cloud

The evolving sessions of this track have reconnected me to John Petze and Anno Scholten and allowed them to share some of their thoughts about how the industry is positioning itself in the data cloud.

In a reconnection with Kimon Onuma, one of the early Cloud Masters, I found he was also evolving his BIMstorm in a new direction and achieving a great fusion with total cloud integration.  He shares all this with us all in a great article with many graphics.

Nino helps us understand how to make value visible and how to monetize the cloud to help sell our wares.

The articles, columns, interviews and  reviews share grounded and clouded thoughts with you, be sure to read them all.

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