October 2012

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Growing the Dynamic Digital Signage Industry

  Opinion Piece; Ken Sinclair
Publisher AutomatedBuildings.com

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I got this request from Lyle Bunn and any of you that know me well, know I cannot resist sharing my opinion on anything.  Here is my response and you do not have to wait a year to hear it. I encourage you to share your thoughts with Lyle. Lyle Bunn keeps his finger on the pulse of the Dynamic Digital Signage Industry as I try to do with the automated buildings industry.

"What will it take to grow the Dynamic Digital Signage industry further?"

This question is often part of industry discussions... North America's Digital Signage - Dynamic Media industry appears to be a $7 billion annual industry, employing about 50,000 people and with elements growing at 15% to 23% compounding annually (according to researchers and calculations). The sector really "took-off" in the uncertain economy following 9/11 and so is about 10 years old in its current iteration - indeed many firms were operating in the sector before then.

Share your insights and passion for the industry by providing your answer to the question "What will it take to grow the Dynamic Digital Signage industry further?" Include suggested solutions and proposals if you wish.

All responses will be publish (unedited except for removing swear words that might creep in and blatant commercials) in a document that will be made available to all in the industry at no cost, with no advertising or registration required, by myself. Depending on the size of the task, I will also try to reflect major "themes" and include an "executive summary". This initiative is not a part of any association, event or publication - though this summary of opinions, when published, may be useful to better focusing or improving industry development infrastructure.
Send your insights and thoughts by email to info@LyleBunn.com
Use a subject such as "My thoughts" in a single email.. no photos or logos needed.
Include your name and role(s) in the industry, or, if you prefer, as "anonymous."
All comments and insights provided by end of day Sunday, September 24th 2013 will be included. Report completion is targeted for early October.

In my opinion to grow the Dynamic Digital Signage industry further we need to change the name. Digital is how, not why, and even that is becoming very clouded. Signage is what it used to be. Convergence is rapidly changing and morphing the commercial signage business into deep integration in our buildings and personal lives.  I propose a new name "the Dynamic Data Display Interaction Industry". DDDI for short. How is that for a start....just change the name of their industry...smile. I will make them sorry they asked my opinion...smile.

Their industry like ours has rapidly evolved and I have been watching for years their industry's convergence collision with ours. They are the masters at Dynamic Data Display and Interaction. Our industry, as theirs, has converted everything to big data in the cloud so now is the time to interact and share their display talents.

We have already met and used their powerful Displays and discovered the power of the video walls to get our messages to the masses about the environmental impact of our buildings.

In this piece of dinosaur dung from 2004: Our Convergence Collision with Electronic Signage Networks  The networked digital signage industry is now poised to deliver the logical evolution to central sound - central video.  Ken Sinclair, AutomatedBuildings.com

I rant on about the change that is coming....wow change comes slow.  Hmmmm I see this article was even before Lyle became LyleBunn.com.

In this interview Digital Signage Systems  Jeffrey Soong, CEO 1-2-1VIEW Corporation Digital signage has the potential to transform a building into a modern and highly attractive venue with substantial revenue potential.

This was 2006 , but still slow adoption!

In 2011 our graphics are starting to look like digital signage whoops dynamic data displays with interaction.....smile

Buildings can “Come to Life” and Teach Occupants about Sustainability - David Schurk, DES., LEED AP. Vertical Market Sales, Automated Logic Corporation

The Importance of Building Automation Systems Visualization Through flexible and intelligent building automation visualization, disparate systems, which would otherwise be an obscured asset, can be easily and quickly comprehended. - Korey Warzala, Marketing Associate, DGLogik, Inc

Time for Energy Dashboard Standards for Buildings To obtain feedback and involvement from the everyday users of buildings, we must standardise dashboard displays and must go beyond technology and synergise it with human psychology and perceptions. - Nirosha Munasinghe MBusIT BSc BE (Hons) (Melb), Product Development Manager, Open General

In 2012 we finally start to get it

QR Codes  A New Technology For Enhancing Operational Efficiency - Korey Warzala, Marketing Associate, DGLogik, Inc

Ok! Ok! so it is not exactly a collision, it is more like watching evolution and hoping you get there before you die or watching paint dry. I am a catalyst to the industry but our In 'dust' ry is very slow to react. I am just the messenger and everyone wants to shoot me...smile

I bet you think he's lost it again and forgotten what he was talking about, OK, OK I did ramble on a bit, but I was setting the scene... Honest!

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"What will it take to grow the Dynamic Digital Signage industry further?"

Strong cloud connections with analytics of real time dynamic machine generated data formatted in social media type interaction in an attractive Dynamic Data Display Interaction (DDDI) with the all latest display tricks of the moment. This combination will become almost organic learning and modifying from its base of big data, driving the Dynamic Data Display Interaction (DDDI) fabric for our building.

Dynamic Data Display will evolve rapidly to become a key component of buildings with the rapid development of cheap OLED and other evolving display methods. It will become the source of light and mood for the building. It will provide virtual windows for interior spaces with subtle messaging and even sound. The harsh blinking signage will disappear and evolve to a softer personal relationship. Sound will be overlaid as part of the DDDI. Interaction with the medium will be assumed, allowing both gesture and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) interfaces as well as others.

Rooms will morph into moods as the walls and ceiling will create a user experience for the moment, created by social media input and real time information of the room usage and occupants' interactions. The DDDI medium will interact with the folks in a personal way tagging folks with pertinent information and displaying and interacting with occupants.

Although this is possible now I am sure it will take at least 10 years to morph into my vision.

Hmmmm in 10 years I hope I am still at my post at AutomatedBuildings.com to tell you I was right .....smile.


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