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Collaborative Education: AI with NoCode AI

Can we teach Data Science and AI to Product and Business Users?

Sudha Jamthe is
 a Technology Futurist and CEO of IoTDisruptions 
who mentors business leaders to learn AI And DataScience using No-Code AI, AI Ethics and  Capstone AI labs to solve industry AI problems at Stanford Continuing Studies and online at BusinessSchoolofAI

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Collaborative Education: AI with NoCode AI

Can we teach Data Science and AI to Product and Business Users? Can we help a non-coding business person to cross the chasm between tech and business? This is where collaborative education in AI comes into picture.

As an engineer who works on the business side of Product Management and analytics I enjoy connecting the dots between tech and business. I bring that to my classes at Stanford, Barcelona tech school and Business School of AI.

On the receiving end are my smart students who are innovators hungry to learn to innovate. They come from a diverse background of business, design, production, operations and engineering across multiple industries.

How is teaching AI with NoCode help in collaborative education for business users?

NoCode AI is an evolving field with many tools to build AI without any coding knowledge needed. But NoCode implies that you just use a tool and create AI models.  Yes that is possible but there is more to it. I teach a NoCode AI Data Science course at the business school of AI using IBM Watson and Akkio, both No Code AI platforms. Some students will go onto learn from additional LiveLab Machine learning course with Julien Carbonnell using Google Colab or a LiveLab NLP course with Sam Wigglesworth using IBM Watson or a noCode Inclusive AI with Susanna Raj using a NoCode data Annotation platform to remove bias in training data that trains AI.

What is the Pedagogy needed to teach AI using NoCode AI to business users?

These are not children looking for steps to learn in a prescriptive tool.

There is a difference in the Engineering way of learning by pushing the boundary to find boundary conditions find the error and fix it to iterate to build better tech. Then there is the business mind who wants to learn with a more pluralistic mind.

AI lends itself with immense complexity that feeds the innovative business mind.

Sam Wigglesworth teaches LiveLab NLP at the Business School of AI. She is an expert in NLP space and knows every possible tool and builds chatbots and does complex integrations to solve interesting business problems. She uses IBM Watson Assistant as the NoCode AI NLP platform to teach business users to build chatbots for customer service. Building chatbots is about asking questions and training the AI by feeding it data, more data. Essentially we are building a supervised learning AI model using NLP. This means we believe we know the factors and answer and want the AI to automate it for us.  This translates to understanding all possible intents of the customer and knowing what the chatbot should do in response.

Coding is not just about knowing a programming language. It’s a state of mind, it is an approach to problem solving. An Engineer would look for non-deterministic conditions, boundary conditions when the chatbot will get stumped with the human conversation.

Business people deal with ambiguity. They make decisions on grey areas where there is no one right answer. Should we grow the revenues by increasing the price of the product or by selling to more customers? Should we try to sell to more of similar customers or expand to new markets?

Back to AI and NoCode AI. AI is predictive and not prescriptive. It invites the business user with its ambiguity. AI is built to solve business problems. There are several ways of solving the same problems and each lends itself to build different underlying algorithms. That is what we need to teach the business user to focus on. To narrow the use case, feature engineering the data or bring more relevant data. Keep the focus on the customers. Use their superpower to ask questions. mNLP Chatbots are designed with Socratic questioning. That’s exactly what the business user needs to do. Ask questions. Find the data that trains the AI with answers.

Where Collaborative Education helps teach AI to Business Users?

Business is not not by one kind of person or roles. Products are built by engineers. Production and distribution is managed by people managing logistics and managing getting parts using the supply chain. Marketing and Sales understands customers and sells to them. Operations and Finance manages the business operations. Human Resources managing the hiring and culture of people across all departments. All of these people do a specific function and bring different perspectives to solving customer problems. In Industry today, multiple roles come together to build AI as Inclusive AI to serve a diverse set of customers.

Collaboration Education using NoCode AI brings a diverse set of customers, helps drive discussions from multiple perspectives and helps everyone connect the dots between technology to the various dimensions of business that they represent from their past experience.

This is the way forward to help non-coding business people cross the chasm between tech and business with collaborative education of AI.

Sudha Jamthe teaches AI and Data Science at Business School of AI using NoCode AI using collaborative learning to a diverse set  of business and product leaders. 


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