September 2007

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Delivering Sustainability

Paul Ehrlich PE,
Building Intelligence Group LLC
Contributing Editor

Sustainability is a complex issue and Intelligent Building technologies are a large part of the solution.

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As readers of Automated Buildings we are often focused on issues related to Building Automation, Systems Integration, Intelligent Buildings and IP Convergence. We all know about the benefits of these solutions – improved buildings, better comfort, safety and operations and of course reduced energy usage. While we have been focused on promoting these solutions though a perfect storm is brewing all around us. Issues related to global warming, reliable power and reliance on foreign oil are causing both economic and social changes on the part of building owners, operators and tenants. Suddenly developers are looking to do LEED certified projects and tenants are demanding space that is sustainable. Corporations and government are setting broad standards for sustainability and massive changes to the electrical system are under consideration and development.

Most interestingly we have seen our professional societies and organizations (AIA, ASHRAE, USGBC) establish commitments to deliver “Zero Energy” commercial buildings by 2030. So what does this mean for the readers of Automated Buildings? Well it just so happens that we hold a large part of the solution to sustainability with the delivery of Intelligent Building systems. Sustainability is a complex issue and involves many decisions ranging from the use of recycled materials to safe cleaning chemicals. In the design, construction and operation of buildings it covers everything from bike racks and green roofs to integrated systems. Providing the ability to readily integrate building systems provides the key for delivery of solutions including:

In short the solutions we have been developing are what is required “behind the scenes” to deliver sustainability. So how do you learn more? Sources like Automated Buildings and Engineered Systems are always great resources. We would also encourage you to attend the fourth Building Automation Conference being held in Phoenix on September 25 – 27, 2007. This event is co-located with BACnet International and will provide a broad variety of information on automaton, controls, protocols, and of course the delivery of sustainability. For more details please visit



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