September 2007

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Articles - September 2007

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Control Solutions, Inc

An Open Letter to the Clinton Climate Initiative  It isn’t just a few who want this Initiative to succeed. All of society wants it to succeed and is watching us to see if we can work together well and hard enough to be certain it will!   Thomas Hartman, P E, The Hartman Company

Commissioning Forever   “The system of nature, of which man is a part, tends to be self-balancing, self-adjusting, self-cleansing. Not so with technology.” E.F. Schumacher, Small is Beautiful  Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, Managing Principal, Sinopoli and Associates

Four steps to make money from DR  Understand - Internalize - Plan - Execute  Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc.

Energy… how do you turn Buzz into Business? The simple answer to that question is that automation is the “enabling technology” for demand response.  John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM, Energy Control Inc.

Weather On Demand  A New Way for Building Automation to Leverage Real-time Weather Information  Roy Kok, VP Sales and Marketing, Kepware Technologies

Demand Response Case Study Trojan Battery invested over $500,000 for summer demand response and their utility reimbursed them. Now Trojan gets lower rates that are saving the company thousands on its electric bill every month. Denis DuBois, Editor, Energy Priorities

Are you ready for changing 21st Century energy markets?  Energy resources will continue to become increasingly scarce, however, their scarcity and attendant price escalation drives technological improvements in building, operating and maintaining the facilities that use those resources. Peter M. Schwartz, Principal, Peter Schwartz & Associates, LLC

Why Building Automation Should Be More Like Football  Good players win games. Can your building “win” with the system that’s currently installed? If not, take advantage of every opportunity to upgrade outdated systems.  Tim Kensok, Director of Business Development, AirAdvice, Inc.

Designing a Daylight Harvesting System (Part 2 of 2)  It is a rule in lighting control that the higher the number of control zones in a space, the more flexibility and control accuracy will be gained, at the expense of cost and more sophisticated commissioning.  Craig DiLouie, Principal, ZING Communications, Inc. & Communications Director Lighting Controls Association

Truth About Megapixel This is the first in a series of three articles separating fact from fiction with regard to the fast-growing megapixel camera technology.  Paul Bodell, Officer, Vice President Sales & Marketing, IQinVision

Parking Lot Gets Smart with ZigBee  The automation process requires placing ”smart” detection sensors next to the parking spaces throughout the parking lot.   Alex Leonov, Marketing Manager, MeshNetics

Delivering Sustainability   Sustainability is a complex issue and Intelligent Building technologies are a large part of the solution.  Paul Ehrlich PE, President, Building Intelligence Group LLC

Demand Response: Information Is Power  Patrick Mazza, Research Director, Climate Solutions

The "BUZZ" about ADR  So what’s all the BUZZ about Automated Demand Response (ADR)?  Ed Richards, President and CEO, Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence, Inc

Rapidly Changing Fundamentals of Demand Response  Today’s demand response products are more finely honed instruments that give decision makers the tools to design and implement a proactive energy strategy that helps manage risk every hour of the day. Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Senior Director of Energy Technology Services, Constellation NewEnergy

NewEnergy AllianceSM   The Alliance will help empower and create immediate revenue opportunities for all who wish to directly participate in demand response with their products, services and technologies. Leighton Wolffe, Principal, Wolffe Technology Consultants

Multi-Site Demand Response Technology Moves Into the Retail Space  Using a multi-site demand response program to control utility costs will be particularly effective if the design of the buildings take into account the need to accommodate this strategy.  Bob Coppenhaver, Director Product Management and Marketing, NovarÒ

Automated Demand Response and BACnet® Buildings that have BACnet-based building control systems are particularly well positioned to participate in DR programs. Jim Butler, CTO, Cimetrics Inc.

Next Generation Demand Response  the Readily Available Green Energy Solution  Steve Schaefer, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, EnergyConnect Inc.

Graphical User Interfaces  When web design and building automation graphical user interfaces converge…Alper Uzmezler, Systems Integrator, Building Automation Systems Services

Opportunity Overload?  “The opportunities surrounding Demand Response (DR) cannot be underestimated. These opportunities are available today for building system contractors, integrators and owners.”  Ken Sinclair, Editor Owner

Column - September 2007

Pressure Transmitters – Selection & Placement
Understand the concepts behind sizing and locating static and differential pressure transmitters Steven R. Calabrese, Automated Logic Chicago

Articles - August 2007

Lighting Control  Integrate without the Risk of Failure Ron Poskevich, General Manager, Lumisys

Designing a Daylight Harvesting System:  Part One  Daylighting is the use of daylight as a primary source of general illumination in a space.  Craig DiLouie, Principal, ZING Communications, Inc. & Communications Director Lighting Controls Association

DALI is Here & Here To Stay  DALI – (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) has been around for several years. Phillip Hodge, Business Development Manager, Building Technology Integration Control & Engineering

Seven Habits of a Highly Profitable Controls Company  We have two basic choices in how we do things: be reactive to things that happen around us, or proactive to ensure things happen as we want them to.  Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc.

Bytes and Bricks: Leaving Data and Money on the Table  “Technological change is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.” - Albert Einstein  Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, Managing Principal, Sinopoli and Associates

Our Industry's Violent DisAgreement  And How to Move Forward Toward a More Efficient Future Thomas Hartman, P E, The Hartman Company

GridWise The Right Place At An Exceptional Time  With GridWise, IT interoperability will lead to ap’s that start with DR as a basic curtailment (turning electric loads off) program, but then to expand a truly intelligent building functionality that reshapes the load curve by leveraging automation.  John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM, Energy Control Inc.

Buildings 2.0 Energy and the Grid  Buildings 2.0 is an initiative that cares for the scarce resources we have on planet Earth. Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc.

HVAC Control Systems Market   to Reach $12.7 Billion  Jared Malarsky, Research Analyst, ARC Advisory Group

Making Money with BAS Mash-ups  The term mash-up refers to a new breed of web-based applications. Ken Sinclair, Editor Owner

Column - August 2007

Rooftop Unit Economizer – Operation & Control 
Perform the economizer functions of a packaged rooftop unit using digital control 
Steven R. Calabrese, Automated Logic Chicago

Reliable Controls Past Favorites 

Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc.Seven Habits of a Highly Profitable Controls Company
Jared Malarsky, Research Analyst, ARC Advisory Group HVAC Control Systems Market
Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, Managing Principal, Sinopoli and Associates
The Top 10 List For Successfully Integrating Building Systems
Alper Uzmezler Systems Integrator Building Automation Systems Services BAS Graphics - Past, Now, and Future
Mark Walters, Chairman, Z-Wave Alliance Wireless Control and Automation Made Practical -- Finally
Deke Smith, AIA,
Executive Director, buildingSMART® Alliance National Institute of Building Sciences  Truly Brilliant Buildings
Brooke Richards, Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence, Inc. The Largest Enterprise Energy Management Deployment in North America
Paul Ehrlich PE, President, Building Intelligence Group LLC Intelligent Buildings Roadmap
Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, Managing Principal, Sinopoli and Associates Certification for Designers and Installers
ASHRAE BACnet Standing Standards Project Committee SSPC-135 BACnet Releases Access Control Standards
Terry Hoffmann, Johnson Controls, Inc. Technology Contracting
Ken Sinclair, Marc Petock, Tridium, Mike Marston, Tridium, Martin Hodder, Tridium Asia Destination Sydney, Australia - Four For Points for the Industry
Thomas Hartman, P E, The Hartman Company Moving Toward A Sustainable Building Industry
Andreas Schneider, Executive VP, EnOcean GmbH Batteryless Radio Technology
Paul Ehrlich, P.E. Building Intelligence Group Help Wanted:
John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM, Energy Control Inc. Energy Management Systems
October: Thomas Hartman, P E, The Hartman Company The HVAC Industry CAN Reinvent Itself! 
Ken Sinclair LONWORKS Converges with IP
Brian Thompson, Founder, Managing Director, SENSUS M.I. Service contractors profit from the HEAT
August Thomas Hartman, P E, The Hartman Company Can ASHRAE Reinvent Itself?
Ken Sinclair  John Petze leaves Tridium
Anwer Bashir, Computrols, Inc., Artificial Intelligence in Building Automation



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