April 2007
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The ODVA Recently Publishes the Network Infrastructure for EtherNet/IPTM Document

EtherNet/IPTM Document Provides an Introduction to the Network Infrastructure used in EtherNet/IPTM Networks

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Downers Grove, IL (April 10, 2007) -The ODVA brought together some of its members to assist in identifying and explaining the features of Ethernet technology which are important to EtherNet/IPTM networks with the publication of the document, Network Infrastructure for EtherNet/IPTM. Bennet Levine, R&D Manager for Contemporary Controls, was among one of the member companies on the EtherNet/IPTM Infrastructure Task Force who helped to write this document that provides an introduction to the network infrastructure used in EtherNet/IPTM networks and gives users a framework for identifying the considerations that are most critical to their specific applications.

The introduction to this 118-page document states clearly for its publication, “The application of Ethernet and Internet technologies is permeating every aspect of manufacturing automation today - control, safety, configuration and diagnostics, synchronization and motion, and information. To realize the benefits of these technologies, the network infrastructure is critical and represents a long-term investment for users that requires thorough analysis of performance requirements along with technology choices and trends.”

The table of contents lists seven sections such as “Planning the Infrastructure” and ”Understanding the Basics of Network Protocols” and Appendixes A to E (including a glossary of terms.)

Control Solutions, Inc Levine said this document references specific switch features that users of EtherNet/IP would require in the EtherNet/IP infrastructure to facilitate proper communication. He added that switch features (such as IGMP Snooping) are also examined as to their importance in the network type, be it small or complex.

He stated that IGMP Snooping is very significant. “It relieves the hosts from processing frames that are not needed. Networks with multiple end devices, which are producing implicit data, will suffer performance issues if IGMP snooping or other multicast limiting schemes are not implemented.”

Levine made this observation about the task force committee. “ Along with Contemporary Controls, there were many well-known member companies represented including Cisco Systems, Hirschmann, Phoenix Contact, Rockwell Automation and others. I was a little surprised at the level of cooperation between the companies. We worked very well together despite the fact that we were ardent competitors”

Katherine Voss, Executive Director of ODVA, commented: “This open, collaborative effort from over a dozen member and industry stakeholders represents the combined knowledge of experts from companies that are leading the industry in the application of Ethernet on the factory floor.”

To obtain your copy of the Network Infrastructure for EtherNet/IPTM, please visit www.ctrlink.com/odva to download from the ODVA website.


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