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“Web-Gloo, The Ultimate Information Convergence Solution”

Lincolnshire, IL & New Milford, CT– April 5, 2007 – In-Store Merchandising Solutions, Inc. and Visual Access Technology, Inc. announce the latest applications powered by Web-Gloo© . These customizable systems are offered as an Application Service Provider solution and are remotely hosted within secure Network Operations Centers for authenticated access and network uptime. The typical software learning curve and dedication of staff are minimal and the solution can be rapidly integrated into existing processes and procedures.

The first application, IT Logistics, focuses upon policies and politics inside the business enterprise that create artificial barriers that prevent smooth collaboration across departmental silos due to conflicting goals and agendas.

Whether a business is dedicated to providing goods or services, every enterprise is comprised of two major internal components; namely core competencies that drive revenue (marketing and sales) and cost center support functions (finance, operations and IT). The five key asset resources that must be safeguarded in an organization are People, Capital, Information, Technology and Land/Buildings. Collaboration across multiple, disparate and departmental systems is lacking due to the ownership of standalone “best of breed” databases. Examples include human resources, facilities management, network management, furniture/fixtures, corporate financial assets, PBX, etc. all reporting up to the CEO/COO/CFO/CIO in vertical silos. Convergence via a data repository that is rules-based affords the implementation of corporate policies, manages change and also provides the foundation for Space, Time and Workplace optimization. Process integration creates a realtime reporting and query mechanism from the “C” level down to worker tasks for operational efficiencies.

The Web-Gloo© solution provides an elegant Visual and Focused Query User interface that seamlessly integrates and unifies disparate departmental databases, drawings (CAD generated or user drawn), photos, documents and web content. In addition, Web-Gloo© provides event driven life-safety integration with automated building systems including security, surveillance, fire, chemical, intrusion, HVAC, environmental and biological monitoring.

Shareholder value is increased by enabling immediate communications inside the enterprise, affording knowledge of physical location of people and assets, assuring E-911 compliance, minimizing risk management, complying with ADA requirements, augmenting business continuity/recovery, providing a highly visible security enhancement, optimizing workspace utilization and even maximizing the investment of in-place infrastructure (i.e. cable plant).

The second application, Occupancy Management System, provides office hoteling and conference room scheduling. For nomadic employees or ad-hoc meeting room reservations, critical time is wasted searching for vacant areas to collaborate or accomplish corporate tasks. Have you tried to maintain a notebook logbook to reserve a conference area only to be frustrated by “squatters” who now occupy the room at your appointed time? Web-Gloo© provides a rules-based system that implements corporate processes for orderly reservations of collaborative space. Room setup configurations, equipment reservation, catering and cost chargebacks may be readily accessed by multiple, simultaneous users. Administrative approvals and documented acknowledgements via email enable proper asset utilization ad optimized worker efficiencies. Email alerts and customized reports augment the realtime access afforded by the customizable user dashboard.

The third application for academic facilities, Master Schedule System, integrates classroom/staff/student schedules with plant utilization to afford financial accounting chargeback. Automated attendance integrated with security badges is available as an ancillary module.

The fourth is the Signapse© Automated Building System that facilitates wayfinding, energy efficiencies/cost savings, event triggers for incident management and the emergency exit signage and evacuation solution.

VIsit http://www.instoremerchandisingsolutions.com/web-gloo.html for more information.

Customized software development tailored to specific requirements is available. Visit http://www.instoremerchandisingsolutions.com


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