April 2007
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Viconics Inc. has launched a product specific web site and forum called (www.communicatingthermostat.com/forum). The focus of the web site is to develop closer relationships with installers and end-users in the field. The forum encourages the free exchange of information between technicians and industry professionals who are currently using communicating thermostats. Forum users can post and share real questions regarding technical applications, installation problems and tips or advice with others members of the forum. Answers to these questions are usually posted within a few hours by other professionals, system integrators or Viconics’ own technical support staff.

Communicatingthermostat.com has really taken off over the past several months, exceeding our own expectations with regards to posting activity. We have found that most web-forum users are actually professional engineers seeking the advice of contractors in an effort to simplify projects.

In addition to the above-mentioned, customers have commented on how quickly they have been able to find answers to their questions and frequently log-on to verify upcoming industry news courtesy of automatedbuildings.com.

To join our technical forum please be sure to register at communicatingthermostat.com/forum we are convinced you too will benefit from sharing your industry knowledge.



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